Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's parenting FAIL!

Prepare to be floored.

I got this via @parenting whom I follow on Twitter (thanks, guys!); check it.

The BBC hires a host for a childrens programme who happens to have been born with only one arm. Stupid, frightened, prejudiced parents write in and flood message boards with hysterical crap. Be sure to watch the vid about half way down.

STEP UP parents!

"How do I explain this to a 3 year old?"

Well, just farkin' explain it, dumbarse.  How do you explain a pregnant woman? A black woman? A woman in a wheelchair?

Here, let me help you:

"Mummy, what happened to that lady's hand?" 
"Nothing, Drusilla, darling. She only has one. She was born that way, just like you were born with blonde hair and the cutest dimples evar!"
"Does it hurt?  It looks funny!"
"Do your dimples hurt, silly? No, it's just an arm.  It does look odd, but so does daddy's hair when he first gets up in the morning, LOL. Now come eat your bickie so we can run down to the shops."

SEE?  Easy peasy. Now quit slinking along the edge of motherhood and step up and do your jobs, Moms.

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 7:35 am   2 comments


At 11:34 am, Anonymous Shylah said...

Holy cow.. really? Really now. I am amazed by what people will bitch about. "Everything is smashing, must find something to complain about! Oh look, someone with a disability! I'm certain I can find a way to make that an issue..."

Good grief.

At 5:55 am, Blogger Kathy Harrison Fuller said...

Focusing only on our differences instead of our commonalities only weakens us as a civilization. Thank you for, yet again, challenging us on what we have to overcome through education and occasional snarkiness!


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