Monday, March 09, 2009


So the Birthdays have begun.

Boy had his in mid-February:

My big 7 year old.

He asked for a snake cake and I did my best:

I originally wanted to do the snake in icing but the cake was pretty small and he had wanted all those words on it - I think he just loves eating the candy letters, lol.

Bitty Girl had hers in early March:

And the newly 5 year old asked, nay, demanded a girly frou-frou white-and-pink-with-hearts confabulation. Yuck. Well, again, I did my best.

She chose a chocolate fudge cake:

My oven is aproximately my age and heats v. unevenly (and I suspect the temps are not accurate). Subsequently all cakes come out a bit uneven. I decided to level this one a bit.

Here's the base white icing leaving the main heart shape blank:

And here's the finished frilly-hearty-pinky-ribbony thingy:

The big heart is done in pink strawberry icing and, yes, those are supposed to be ribbons. Bitty literally squealed with delight when she saw it.

Several of my online friends are bakers and skilled cake makers, like BarbD:

Cool Lightning McQueen cake by BarbD of whit-n-whimsy dot com

Extra cool!

One even has her own cake website stuffed with great cakes, cooking and decorating tips, and more.  here's her version of the Other Mother cake from Coraline:

Coraline other mother cake from Hurry Up Cakes dot com
How awesome is THAT?  Obviously, I'm seriously outclassed here.
But I got to thinking, and the cake website above ( really inspired me, that perhaps I might invest in some cool cake decorating tools. I mean I'm using spoons and knives here.  The cool turntable thingy that spins the cake springs to mind.

What do you think? Not worth the expense since I only do 5 cakes a year? (Remember Bodog and I don't eat cake.) Or totally worth it?

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At 12:40 pm, Blogger moonduster said...

You make beautiful cakes! Way better than any I have made!

And the turntable thingy is only worth it if you have cupboard space for storing it. (We have NO cupboard space in my house. *sigh*)

At 1:19 pm, Anonymous Pfoinkle said...

Those are beeYOOtiful cakes. I love the pinkie-frou-frou cake. :P

I have a turntable (and I often use it), but, you'll have to pull my pastry bag and big honkin' "icing/frosting" tip from my cold dead fingers. It's sooooo much easier to frost a cake with a pastry bag.

And then you can absolutely do the rest of the smoothing with a knife. :D

At 5:06 am, Anonymous Dusty Deb said...

As a co-author of I'd just like to say I do not own a turntable for icing.I will request one for one of those birthdays when I'm a "has everything" lassie. If I need to use a "turntable" I use an upturned dinner plate resting on a shot glass or a egg cup :)

At 7:34 am, Blogger MrsEvilGenius said...

Aww, thank you guys!

And thnx for the comments on the turntable. I think I've decided to loosen my daethgrip on my pursestrings and get a pastry bag with a frosting tip FIRST.

Gawd, that's the hardest part for me - getting the icing on in the first place.

I have yet another birthday looming in early April (another *gag* frou-frou cake!), we'll see!


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