Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I know, I know, a post is long overdue! Sorry. I've been really busy building a new website and it's kinda consumed me.

Here's a quick update for ya.  It's getting to be SPRING! Squee!

Those are my collards flowering, in case you were wondering what the heck that was.  Here's my new walk and gate.  I finally got around to fixing ONE of the arbours that got crunched by the storm / tree limb.

And my Wellsummers have started to lay!  Yay!  See how lovely and dark brown the eggs are? Nice thick shells, too. They grind up well to feed back to the birds for calcium. That's a black sexlink's egg lower left and a mixed hen's egg lower right.
Here's a shot of a Wellsummer egg and one of my gamehen's eggs. The game egg is actually off-white. The Wellsummers makes it look bright white, doesn't it?!
And I tried my hand at making my own mayonnaise. Trying to do away with nasty soy products and corn syrup in my family's diet. It was easy and turned out perfectly:
It even got Bodog's seal of approval!  Yes, it has a yellowish tinge - it's made of egg yolks!  I don't know what chemical they put in commercial mayo to bleach it out. Yuck!
Our first Tulip of the season:

I promise much more!  As it gets warm, I'll be working on several projects that don't involve my arse in this computer chair, LOL!

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