Saturday, April 15, 2006

What a crap day


So, I get back from town so late yesterday that it's almost dark and I still need to catch the sheep and goats that I'm taking to the sale, right?

Well I look in our local farming newspaper thingy and the sale is not listed. I decide to forgo loading animals and email a friend about the sale.

8 am: I get reassurance from said friend that there will be a sale. So I'm scrambling to load these animals. Well, the babies are up (by then) and somebody's got to watch them so I have to catch all 6 of the wiley little bastards myself - 4 goats and 2 sheep - and load them one by one onto the truck.

(Getting ones animals to a livestock sale early is essential. Many folks will, by mid-sale, have either reached their quota or spent all their money and so the later animals bring less. Much less.)

9am: I decide to take Boy at the last minute and make myself 30 minutes later by having to install a carseat in the truck (I have no other discernible talents but two: I can catch a horse and I can install a carseat, by golly). I then fly out the door with cries of: "I love you" and "Are we sure there's petrol in the truck?*"

(do you see where this is going?)

Fast forward to 30 miles down the road when the truck gives a couple of dramatic gasps and then dies on me.

A phone convo with Evil Genius Husband and a half hour later (he had to snag the gas can, load Bitty Girl, the Human Crash Test Dummy, and the Incredible bulk into their carseats in the van, AND hook the small trailer up (just in case the truck had something really wrong with it we'd have had to transport the animals back home)) he arrived and - sure enough - truck was out of petrol.

10:30am: Finally we're on the road.

Noon: We arrive at the sale.

The sale goes fine except that I was trying to bid on some gates and keep Boy right next to me in the crowd and some chickie hands Boy a chocolate bar. Well that just blows. Number one, you don't just hand someone else's kid candy. You ask the mother first. I don't generally allow mine to eat candy so I had to tell Boy that we'd talk about eating it later. By the time I looked up, the gates had been sold. For almost nothing. V. v. Angry.

I did pick up a nice goat and her baby, plus make a bit of cash for the ones I took.

6:00pm: It's getting bloody late and they just started auctioning off the fowl. Bugger it, I'm going home. They don't have any peafowl anyway and they just sold a crate of guineas for $14 apiece. We load up our goat and head out.

7:30pm: I arrive home to find the gate standing open to the feedlot, all the goats and sheep out, PLUS the door to the feed room is standing open and they've gotten in the feedbags. (edited to add: *I* had not used that gate or passed through the feedrom door.)

7:35pm: All hell breaks loose as I commence to having a conniption.

The perfect end to the perfect day. ARGH!

10:15pm: And now I'm going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

*stomps off upstairs*

*The gas gauge doesn't work on the truck. Or the CD player. (edited to add: not that the CD player has a gas gauge ... I meant that the CD player doesn't work eith-- ... oh, you know what I meant!)

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