Sunday, March 26, 2006

My baby speaks Klingon!

We're so proud!

Seriously, the Incredible Bulk gets SO excited when being fed. He can feed himself finger food and does so quickly and mostly neatly. His only accidents are usually when he looks at something while eating. He then turns his head to watch and his brain fails to inform his en route hand that his mouth has changed location. *splat*

The real problem arises when I feed him - since he can't use a spoon. I never shovel fast enough.

This is compounded when he starts to excitedly/frustratedly (and loudly) voice his opinon on how slowly I'm getting the food to him, accompanied by much arm waving and bouncing up and down. It's like trying to feed an amusement park ride.

Or a Klingon baby. He has the inflection down pat, no lie. Why just yesterday he said to me: "AH! Mee'NAH!" in mid mouthful.

I'm not sure of the translation, but I'm thinking it means: "Mother, I love you but just put the bloody bowl down and let me eat the porridge with my hands!"

I wonder if the BiLo carries qagh?

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At 9:42 am, Blogger Anna said...

So funny, Matilda does this too! But instead of Klingon she produces ear-splitting high pitched screams. Oh well.


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