Thursday, March 16, 2006

Luck of the not-irish


OK, so I decided to trim the girls' hair, right? I normally do this just often enough to keep it out of their eyes and I always go with soft bangs arched over the eyes and the rest tapered to the back. I deviated from this last time and cut the Human Crash Test Dummy's hair into a long bob because 1) her hair is really thin and stringy and 2) she keeps some sort of sticky crap in it at all times so her general look is of a homeless child on a bad day.

The bob makes it look much more tidy:

So I trimmed the HCTD first, no problem, then got Bitty up. She did really well and stayed quite still. I wasn't doing much to the back so I was just blending the sides and then doing one final evening-up of the bangs ...

Then she sneezed.

Yep. Some tiny hair trimmings had fallen down her face and she'd breathed them in. I, of course, was in mid-snip.

So then she had this HUGE diagonal gouge out of her bangs, almost to the hairline. NOW WHAT?

Did I say ARGH?!

I decided that I shouldn't fiddle with anything fancy but should cut them off straight and as evenly as I was able. I almost hacked all of it off into a page-boy but I despise that look. Besides I couldn't bear to cut off any more of her gorgeous ash-blonde curls.

So here's my little Dutch Girl:


Apparently my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I pre-ordered from Amazon (Yay!) got lost by the post office (Boo!). Amazon is hustling me another copy via 2-day air so perhaps I'll get by tomorrow.

We have a real problem over here with CD/DVDs and the post office. Somewhere along the line there's a problem. Our Netflix get mysteriously mangled, wadded and opened regularly (I mean like almost every one of them) and if we get a box or envelope smaller than the average book it is often torn (just enough to see inside) or missing entirely.

I have complained at my local post office and they just smile and nod politely and tell me that the official complaint forms that I need are in the main PO in Columbia. They should be downloadable off the internet - if the freakin' IRS can do something then ANY government agency can. You can get about 30 forms for the USPS off of their website and none of them is what I need. (in case you're curious: Form 1510 -mail loss & rifling and Form 2016-mail theft & vandalism.) When I do get a chance to get these forms I'm gonna get two dozen copies - I need them!


Oh and finally, while I'm being crabby, will someone please tell me why people insist on writing ST. PATTY's DAY?

Hello! Patty is a girl's name, people. The diminutive of Patrick is PADDY. Pee-ae-dee-dee-wye. Paddy. Get it right. Have you never read The Thornbirds?

I'm not irish, not into anything irish, don't even care for the irish, and certainly don't need a holiday to consume mass quantities of alcohol (I'm Scots, we know our drinking) and I know that it's PADDY!

OK, I feel better now.


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At 1:10 pm, Blogger Anna said...

Awww, I think Bitty Girl looks lovely -so grown up with her new haircut. And I love the HCTD's bob. I'm a bit afraid of cutting a girl's hair, I do Peter's with the clippers, but maybe I'll experiment on Matilda's when she's got enough (and while she's too young to complain if I mess it up!)

At 3:25 pm, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

I think she looks cute Blue. I like it with the curl in the back.It makes her look older.

At 3:26 pm, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

I think she looks cute Blue. I like it with the curl in the back.It makes her look older.

At 9:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bitty Girl is beautiful in her new hairstyle...


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