Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sweet mother of Stan Lee, make it stop!

I did something stupid. It was so dumb it was stoopid.

We had one nice day here on Ferenginar recently. It was warm and balmy and I hustled the brood outside for some play time, even plopping the Incredible Bulk down amongst the outside toys so he could watch and get some fresh air.

So what did Blue do you ask? Well, you see, I love to work in my yard. I haven't worked in my yard in months. So I let my gaze wander and it lit upon the ivy that almost covers the ancient oak in the back yard.

Ahah! A project!

So I grabbed my clippers and went to work. Clip, clip, tug, gather, drag, drag. HmmHmmmmHm. How pleasant! What a beautiful day!

Here's the stoopid part:

I knew the poison oak was there.

I carefully inspected the ivy and decided that the poison oak must be dead in winter. What would a few snips hurt? I even washed carefully afterward.

So ... is it possible to die from itching?

'Cause I now am COVERED with red, blistery, weeping rash from my fingertips to my armpits on both arms. I haven't slept appreciably in 3 nights. I have to wear long sleeves to the post box because I look like I have the freakin' Bubonic Plague! And my left arm, which is much worse, is swollen up like a sausage and painful.

And the itching ... the itching.

Oh, and so far I have, while here at the computer, dipped my applicator q-tip twice in my Diet Coke and picked up the calamine lotion once ... but I didn't drink it.

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At 12:20 pm, Anonymous Contrary said...

Ack! I didn't become allerigc to that stuff till I was grown but my son was always so allergic to it that we couldn't even burn the stuff in the burn pile because he would get a rash from the SMOKE.

Please get to feeling better quickly. And I heard calamine lotion doesn't taste so bad. I'm just sayin'.

At 2:56 pm, Anonymous queenmommy911 said...

We had a serious booger of a summer here last year with multiple rounds of poison ivy outbreak.
I am not allergic, but all my kids are, so I did a *lot* of researching.
Turns out the ivy can be dead for *years* and the oils can still be active and your animals can bring the oils to you on their fur. Also, never, ever, ever burn poison ivy/oak/sumac as it could cause the oils to become airborn and create those awful blisters inside your lungs. Very dangerous!

Blue, I know you're all about the cheap, but I'm told Zanfel is the best/quickest remedy. I didn't hear about it until after we'd spent a small fortune on calamine and benedryl getting everyone cleared up < eyeroll >...

Good luck!


At 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just call the doctor for Prednisone. I'm the queen of poison oak, and prednisone will knock it out the best, the fastest. By tomorrow, if you start it tonight, it will ease off so much, you won't believe it.


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