Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good mood

I don't know what to write about. Hmmm.

I can tell you that I'm in an unusually relaxed mood. Have been, actually. My house has settled down quite a bit. The babies are no longer being as terrible as I've been reporting. We're back in our groove.

(I wonder how long I'll keep referring to my children as 'babies'? When the last one is no longer a baby? Could you come back in 10 years and still find me referring to them that way? My god. In 10 years I'll be over 50 and my 'babies' will be 14, 13, 12, 11, and if I have my way: 10! I might be calling them my 'unmanageable monsters'. Huh. I can honestly say that I can't wait to see what sorts of little people they will be.)

My whole demeanour has changed since Dad returned to his own home. It's not that he was a disruption. Just the opposite, actually. Despite his own convictions he really blended well into the household. Yes, he's a picky, cold-natured cuss, but he wasn't much trouble. I miss him. The babies miss him awfully. I was stripping and re-making the bed that he used and my oldest daughter, the Human Crash Test Dummy appeared at my elbow, boiling with outrage, and cried: "THAT is granddaddy's bed!" She actually stamped her little pigeon-toed foot.

No, it's that my worry quotient has dropped to acceptable levels. I'm finally confident that Dad's back on his life-track. I'm not a distracted crazy person any more (well, no more than usual). My temper is better and things aren't annoying me. the babies are behaving now that I'm not off in the la-la land of my own thoughts or on the 'phone and am actually parenting.

So what now? Life with no drama? No way! Well, my house is clean(ish). I was dragged up to the barnyard yesterday. I'm going into town today. Surely something blog-worthy will happen.

We will see.

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