Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The one that got away


I'd like to have a quiet, uneventful life, now, please.

I'm a pretty simple person, perfectly content to potter about the house and farm all day and only go out once a week for supplies and to run errands. I don't feel the need to interact with people face-to-face. I dispise the telephone. Email and Yahoo IM and bulletin boards are fine for me. I don't watch television or listen to the radio (except the oldies station when I'm in my shop) and I hate reading the newspaper (they're depressing).

If space aliens landed and society collapsed it'd probably take me a week to notice. Honestly.


Dad was feeling ill yesterday. He ate dinner (yoghurt and a protein drink and some of his nuts) and immediately had bad stomach pain. He said that he didn't feel like he was going to sick up, just pain. It came and went the rest of the day. By supper he was able to eat 2 chicken breasts, some mac and cheese, and a biscuit from KFC.

He's convinced that it's a stomach virus. I think it might be related to reflux. If he's not better by this morning, I'm wrapping him up in duct tape and dragging him to the doctor.

Oh, he also got his new European style crutches (they're the ones with the hand grip and the forearm brace) and, despite stomach cramps, tore around the house on them yesterday. He likes them much better than the walker, as you can imagine. The only drawback is that he can't carry stuff.


Oh, and check this out: some lady snatched my handbag in the WalMart yesterday. Picked it up out of my shopping trolley.

No lie. Unfortunately for her, I saw her do it and came up behind her (hobbled up behind her is more accurate - and my knee is reminding me of this this morning). She spun around, I took my handbag back, and grabbed her. But, with my one hand full, she was able to twist out of my grip and get away.

So my 'quick' shopping trip was stretched out by having to talk to the 911 dispatcher, the police, and security guards who had no hope of catching this woman. It had to have added an hour to my trip.

I mean, Jeez. I hate it when people inconvenience me by being stupid.

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At 3:40 pm, Anonymous Kate W. said...

WTF!!?? Did they catch her? That would about do me in! I am so glad you got your purse back! GAH! Hey is you Dad taking a lot of ibuprofin like meds? Those can reek havoc on a stomach! Make him eat before meds!

At 3:52 pm, Anonymous Nora said...

I called the forearm crutches my turbo-crutches, because they handled like a race car compared to the US armpit kind.

In order to carry things from bed to couch to car, etc, I attached a carabiner to the crutch just below the handle grip w/ that pipe clamping metal tape w/ holes all along it, with a screw-tightening thing on it. (Obviously I hang out a lot in Home Dep*t, but don't read the bin labels.) Then I was able to lash many things to the crutches, water bottles, canvas tote, etc.

Right on for grabbing back your purse! Bold move.


At 11:22 am, Blogger Carrie said...

You know, I don't exactly crave IRL human interaction either.

That is so crazy about that woman in Walmart! Good for you for getting your purse back, though!


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