Sunday, January 08, 2006

The road to sickville

Well we had a bit of excitement yesterday.

Evil Genius Husband and Boy were feeling better, Bitty and the Human Crash Test Dummy seemed to be slowly recovering. Only the Incredible Bulk and I were the real invalids.

Then, at 10:30 the HCTD refused her lunch. She kept saying she had bitten her tongue (she had made one of her dozen or so daily spectacular falls just minutes before) so I chalked it up to that but was worried. She seemed lethargic and her cough had changed from just loose sounding to v. congested and scummy. When they went in for naps at 11:00 she fell right asleep, also uncharacteristic.

Well, when I went to wake them, she refused to get up, even resisted opening her eyes and she was bright pink and burning up. I got her temp at 104.3

So we tore out the door to the emergency room.

After the obligatory interminable wait, she was seen, probed, listened to, and weighed. They took chest x-rays and she had to stand in that bare, cold room and be still for 3 films. At the end she and I were wrung out.

Diagnosis: She has pneumonia.

She had to get a shot and we came home. I went right back out, searching for a pharmacy that was open, and spent all night getting up every 15 minutes to creep downstairs and check on everybody.

So now I'm tired, sick and paranoid.

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At 9:58 pm, Anonymous Hope said...

Man, when it rains, it freaking downpours for you. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the sickness. Hopefully once it passes, you will all be in the clear for a while so you can focus on your Dad.

I'm sitting here anxiously awaiting my three to get all sick..again. They pulled the "let's all have bronchitis" the week of Thanksgiving. They're good that way.

At 11:00 pm, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

Hey Blue, I am right there with you. Everything was great we went out to dinner the other night.....Well all of a sudden BLAUGHHHHHHHHHHH all over the table all over my husband..... While trying to rush the vomiting 2 year old across an entire EXPENSIVE restuarant she pukes on two OTHER people. REAL FUNNY.....NOT Do the rush to the ER and find out it's a VIOLENT EAR INFECTION.....GREAT!!!!!!

At 2:56 am, Anonymous Heather said...

I have experienced that same exact thing several times over. Not fun. Poor thing, hope she feels better soon, and you too! Glad that your Dad is on the road to recovery and hope it's a relativly short road.

P.S. I posted a comment on Cool Shade Farm, but so far I haven't seen it pop up...

At 1:36 pm, Blogger speckledpup said...

glad most of you are feeling better....
looks like things are looking up for dad

best wishes for the move.

The Pup


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