Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bah humbug, part one

Dad is doing OK. He's back up at eleven reynolds and on antibiotics for his bladder infection. His temp spiked over 104.

Man, that really scares me. He'll be there until Monday midday we figure.

In the meantime he's pretty content. Kimberly's dad, Mr B, and her sister, A, were there today. A more amiable and laid back family I've never met. Seriously. These guys are so great it's creepy.

I also got to 're-meet' a longtime buddy of Dad's: BT (the last time he saw me I was Bitty Girl's age) and it was a delight to get to talk with him.

Unfortunately i was my regular strung-out, tired self. I've been driving that road so long that I can traverse long stretches without even knowing it. No lie. I'll find myself in Rock Hill, getting off on 485 with no memory of having gotten there. Wheeee.

I did have a touch of excitement today. I was on the road to Oak Summit and the bloke in front of the bloke in front of me had to turn. He turned and the guy behind him put on his brakes and i did the same. A millisecond later I heard the scream of tyres on pavement and looked in my rearview mirror to see a red SUV skidding up to my back bumper. At the last second he yanked it to the right and slid off the road. He had come *this* close to rear-ending me.

Pay attention folks. I do NOT want to end up at Wake Forest Baptist next to my dad!


And now it's time for Blue's Crabby Vent Of The Day:

I got back to Newberry about 7pm to find the Wal Mart closed. The Wal Mart. This American institution is supposed to be open 24 hours a day. It says so on the door. I was not a happy camper. I'm out of my meds (I have a seizure disorder and must take 500mg of Dilantin a day) and Evil Genius Husband is low on his Insulin. Too bad! We're closed! It's a holiday that not everyone celebrates, but sod 'em! Closed!

No offense to anyone but i find it ridiculous that the entire world shuts down on certain days of the year and certain days of the week. I mean, really. We all have lives. Stuff happens and we forget things. What about the single dad who runs out of diapers for his baby son? What about the mom whose infant is teething and she needs tylenol? What about the family who forgot they were low on dogfood?

Suck it up! It's christmas and we're snug in our houses with everything we need. We celebrate this holiday and so you must put your life on hold. So sorry you have an emergency! Come back tomorrow!

I know that there are people who would be willing to work these days. This is a fact. I worked in a call center for 10 years and we were open 24/7 every day of the year. There was always someone who needed the hours who was willing to man the phones so that our customers could reach someone no matter what the time or day.

It could be done. But people have been indoctrinated with the idea that the day ends at 5pm and the week ends on Friday and on certain holidays the whole world grinds to a halt.

Bah, I say! Bah humbug.

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At 9:51 pm, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

AUGH............. I know how you feel I drove around for 45 min looking for SOMETHING open for me to buy SALAD STUFF>>>>> Well no salad in the Brown-Haynes family christmas dinner this year.

At 2:55 pm, Anonymous Chris Johnson said...

To be fair if I know your husband well (And I feel it is safe to say I do) than he waited till the last moment to tell you to refill his insulin.

At 10:32 pm, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

I have to agree with Chris COMPLETELY (HI CHRIS BY THE WAY. LONG TIME NO SEE) Blue your lucky he even told you before he keeled over in a diabetic coma..... (oh yeah.....HI CLARK LOVE YA!!! ) heehee :)

At 6:05 pm, Anonymous Chris said...

This is going to seem shallow but Wendy Ann how do I know you (I know several wendy's I need to put a name with the face.

At 11:09 am, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

So sorry Wrong Chris. I didn't even look at the last name. HA. Well nice to meet you anyways. All I saw was Chris and was thinking of a different one.


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