Friday, January 06, 2006

Human fly strip! Now in Bitty size.

Did I mention that I felt like crud?

Well, I do. I still do. I probably will do for a freakin' month.

I hate being sick. My asthma kicks in, I lose my voice, I usually get a sinus infection ... bleh.

Most of all I hate that my babies are ill. I really really dispise it. I can't bear the wet coughs and red-rimmed eyes. I just want to rock them in my arms all day ... which is a tad difficult with four.

I should be v. grateful: they're almost never sick. This is only the third time in four years that we've had a pandemic. Boy has only been sick seven times in his life - and that includes everything from sniffles to a particularly unpleasent intestinal virus - and the girls less so. This is Incredible Bulk's first illness in his 7 months (he's seven months today!)

At any rate, the bebies have been pretty subdued and I've been on the computer more than usual today. Dad's ETA is the 18th for coming down here. He has a final appointment on the 17th and then we're clear (I hope).

I've been searching and comparing prices on the slew of stuff that he will need when he gets here. In my head the list was about 5 items long (wheelchair, hospital bed, bedside toilet, etc) ... upon some thought it's grown to over 12 items.

Added were little things (like bedding, including a waterproof matress cover, and a donut pillow for his bum which is sore from lying on his back all the time), and saftey items that hadn't occured to me until I thought about his weakened state (saftey rails for the toilet and shower and a bath bench just to name two).

So I've been researching, sussing out the best price and wrangling with how to pay for items (I can use Dad's credit card online, but not in stores, for example) and fretting that the insurance company is going to get a hair laid accross it's arse just right and give us trouble. I've had v. bad experiences with insurance companies, which is all I can say without expletives.

At any rate everything's slowly coming together. I've ordered the majority of the items on the list and am going out today when Evil Genius Husband gets home to gather some more. I also have my Physical Torture/Therapy on my knee, so I should be in a charming mood. Crabby, ill, and in pain, yeah! If you see me you might just want to duck and walk on.

At least the babies are slowly feeling better. Boy is almost over the Crud and Human Crash Test Dummy seems to feel slightly less awful. Bitty girl is definately better. I made French Toast (Freedom Toast?) this morning and she ate hers, half of her sisters, and a piece that fell on the floor before i could stop her. She was covered in syrup by 7:15. I swear if I'd tossed her against the wall, she'd have stuck there, grinning. She was terribly pleased with herself and her syrupy coating all through breakfast and really seemed to feel a bit more perky.

Come to think on it, that huge sticky smile made me feel a bit better as well.

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At 9:05 pm, Blogger Chris Johnson said...

Spoken like a true Mom.


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