Monday, January 09, 2006

Is the rest of the year gonna go like this?


I'm not sleeping well, so I got up this morning at 5:20. I have been obsessively checking on the sickie-babies all night as I said and I had just been up about a hour before. I figured: why lie awake until 5:45 (regular wake-up time)? I peeked in at everybody and went to let the dogs out, make my coffee, and make the Incredible Bulk's morning bottles.

When I went back in to get the younger two up (they both sleep in cribs in the nursery), I took one look at Bitty Girl and knew she was bad off. She was red and crusty-faced. Sure enough, she had a temp of 104. Bulk had one over 101. Both were lethargic and had nasty green crap draining from their noses

I threw some food at the older two, gave the Human Crash Test Dummy her meds (Motrin and Augmentin), and we were out the door right after Evil Genius Husband and on the long road to the ER ... again.

Both of them have sinus infections and the doctor today said that he suspected Bulk was teetering on the edge of pneumonia as well, judging from the nasty, congested cough he's developed.

Plague house!!

So now we have 3 identical bottles of Augmentin in the fridge, labled with each one's name, plus economy sized bottles of children's Motrin and some decongestant/antihistamine stuff for Bitty and Bulk. Will this crap please end now?


BTW, I wanted to remind everyone that Dad has a load of appointments at the hospital tomorrow so if you were planning to visit, you may want to wait until Wednesday. He probably won't be at the facility much at all and when he does get back he'll be quite tired.


Update: Bitty seems to feel infinitesimally better this evening; she even ate a few bites of supper. Bulk, however, is another matter. He decided to do the opposite. I was sitting at the dining room table giving him his antibiotic when he turned toward me suddenly and yarked the entire contents of his stomach down the front of my shirt (Wendy Ann, you cursed me!!). I had no idea someone that small could sick up that much. I also haven't seen anyone vomit out his nose since college.

The good news is that hurling seemed to make him more comfortable.

Didn't do much for me, though. Too bad it's not a carefully guarded secret sleep aid.

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At 6:18 am, Anonymous Wendy-Ann said...

I can't believe it I HAVE MADE IT IN THE WORLD. I am in BLUE'S BLOG. Who knew a little puke would be my calling. :)
I am so sorry I cursed you. The funny part is my husband is mad because he is the one who got puked on and I got all the credit...??????? Men .....SHESSSSSH
I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Ohhh I was just informed that BOTH Robert and Blue got puked on and I got all the credit.... heehee :)-
Hope your dad is doing better.

At 11:29 am, Blogger speckledpup said...

hope you all are eating your yogurt with that augmentin to keep from the a)digestinal upset and b)yeast/thrush infections....

Augmentin is horrid...but sometimes its the only thing that works.

Feel better.

At 12:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of all the sickies in your house. I agree that augmentin is pretty bad--Rivers has been on it since Thanksgiving and has a raw/bloody butt along with some nasty stomach issues!!!! (getting tubes on friday)
Glad your father is improving and moving to SC soon.
Sending GET WELL vibes your way.

At 2:44 pm, Blogger Carrie said...

Huge ((HUGS)) to your little ones!!!! You are superwoman!

At 8:40 pm, Anonymous Mike I said...

Hang in there, Blue. We all love ya.

Stay strong, and give my best to the family.

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