Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's called parenting, you should try it.

So wandered over to Blogging Baby and found this.

It talks about these groups' intention to sue Nickelodeon and Kellogg; "in an attempt to stop the companies from marketing what they regard as unhealthful food to America's children."

The people enacting the lawsuit claim that they've "analyzed weekday and Saturday morning advertising and found the majority of products advertised to be crap."

So they're suing.


Number one: all advertising is crap. It's designed to make us feel bad, feel needy, and empty our pockets. It's crap. It blows. Nature of the beast.

Number two: the operative words here are "marketing", and "children".

These folks aren't coming to anyone's home, taking great wodges of cash out of wallets and leaving sugary cereal behind. They are marketing sugary cereal. They are advertising it. You don't have to freakin' buy everything that appears in an advert, people! You can resist. You have free will. You are an adult.

Speaking of adults, the second word there was "children". How many 4 year olds have you ever seen drive to the Bi-Lo and buy a box of Crunchy Frosted Sugar Bombs?

The parents are buying it, duh. And they are grown people. With minds of their own. And they're PARENTS. They need to start being parents.

You had this kid, take responsibility and raise this kid. Say: "No Kynnerleigh, you may NOT have what you saw in that advert, I don't care how much you want it." and most of all: "Because I said so!"

Are today's parents mindless consumer slaves? Are they letting Television raise their children? Or just slack-twisted care-givers? Are they so eager to curry their childs favour that they'll buy him whatever he asks for? Do I really want to know the answers to these questions?

Its YOUR responsibility to teach your children what's appropriate. It's YOUR obligation to explain that sugary cereal isn't what you should eat. Most of all it's your duty to set an example; an example of restraint, good sense, thrift, whatever ... just pick one!

I don't care if they're advertising cereal or cars or guns or sex aids during Saturday morning cartoons. I am The Mommy. I parent my children. I am a parent, not a buddy. My job is to do what's in my child's best interest - what's best for him - not to desperately try to make him like me by catering to his every whim and showering him with stuff. If I don't want my kids to eat sugary cereal, then I don't bloody well buy it for them. If I don't want my kids to watch commercials, then I have the power to just turn off the damned telly.

That is my Superpower. I am The Mommy.

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At 7:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HERE HERE! ITA. I'm glad to read how you guys are getting along. I hope your father continues to recover well, both physically and emotionally. We miss you at the CoffeeShop May/June board, but we know you've got your hands full.

~~Laney (taekwondomommy)

At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Heather said...

What? You mean my televison has an "off" switch? I am able to pick and choose what I buy for and let my children watch? Surely you jest!


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