Monday, January 23, 2006

It's clean! Quick ... take a picture!

Dad seems to have intergrated into the household well. We have a routine of sorts and Dad is no longer an object of constant open-mouthed curiosity for the four small persons.

We continue to make tiny adjustments. For example: the loo is littered with step-stools for the babies to reach the sink to brush their teeth and to to reach the toilet. These same items are an obstacle for Dad and his walker. Throw in the fact that Dad isn't quite limber enough to move them away and the babies aren't quite strong enough to move them back and you have a conundrum. But that's what I'm here for: solving conundrums (and cooking eggs).

My cats proved to be an unexpected problem. Apparently Dad sends out Cat Love Vibes, 'cause they looooooove him. If allowed in where his room is (his room is the only room off the parlour with no door) they will tear-arse around the room, knocking things over, climb his curtain (his makeshift door) and jump on his bed. We quickly learned to shut them out of that part of the house altogether at night.

Johann, who is usually the good cat, also likes using Dad's good foot at a chew-toy. Not an easy solve if you can't reach down there to pop the cat in question in the head. I told Dad to just grab his cat face with his grabby reacher thing (y'know what I'm talking about? Those long things you see folks picking up trash with?). That'll learn 'im.


Things vastly improved today when we got the wireless router (Thank you Steelman!) going. Despite proffered help from both MG and Steelman, I actually figured it out myself (Go me!). We then had a brief battle with his laptop which wanted to look for his home wireless network - it's being in another state made that a teensy bit difficult - but eventually figured it out.

I'm sure that Dad's being able to surf and email from the comfort of his end of the couch will make him a lot happier. If he could go to the bathroom and do his physical therapy from there he'd be in heaven.

Speaking of physical therapy, KK came by on Friday for a visit and corrected all of our Wal Mart shortcomings. She also cheerfully played therapist while he did his PT exercises. It was really nice to see her (not least because she showered us with pizza) and I think it did Dad a lot of good.

She's not been the only visitor. Yesterday was actually a bit hectic. I spent the entire morning feverishly cleaning in anticipation of Dad's friends: AG and his wife (the above technogoddess) MG's arrival. About noon Dad decided to go out instead and so I only just met the Gs briefly on the doorstep. They never got more than a foot and a half inside the house. Ehh!


The upside is that Dad got to eat Captain D's twice in one week and my house is now clean ... for a minute.

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At 11:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blue...glad to see things are going well. We miss you over on the May/June 05 mommy boards...we are all thinking and praying for you!! Hope to hear from you soon!

At 2:39 pm, Anonymous alison said...

Jerre you look great. And I believe that cats are great therapists and healers.

KLea-You should be published.

See you soon.


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