Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday two ...

Two posts in one day! Ooohh, touch me.

Anyway, I have finally gotten a chance to do something that I've not done in - literally - months: read my fave blogs.

I haven't been able to scroll back down in any of them and catch up properly, but I've at least gotten to check in and see how everyone is doing. I really really really missed these people.

The blogs in question are listed in my sidebar. I've taken a moment to add a few that I had stupidly not had in the list (despite reading them daily, yes, I suck), and reorder the list randomly. (I just shake it up every now and then - no particular order - to give everyone a chance to be up top.) If you have a second, check them out. It's really worth it.

I have also updated my webcomic , Deceleration Trauma, if you've been following it. I know I promised to publish a new one each Monday, but, well, I suck. Make sure to hit the 'previous' button to see the past ones.


I'll tell you who I really miss in the netiverse: my baby boards. I haven't had a second to get on either my February board on Babycenter or my June board at the Coffeehouse.

It's startling how much you come to depend on an online community. These ladies are like an extended family to me and I miss them. I have to get myself together before I go back, though. For one, I don't want to go back only to disappear again. That would suck and not be fair to them.

I also need to get square with the 'one more baby' idea. I know that there are tons of ladies on both boards who have gotten pregnant (there were a few on my June board who had conceived again before I left. Jealous, jealous, jealous!) and I don't want to risk being whiney. Again, not fair to them.

I have to wean myself from the safety net of people who have helped me through all this stuff with Dad. I have grown comfortable knowing that they're right there if I need them. Strong, dependable, helpful people are addictive!

Well, soon I'll have more time, have Dad safely settled, have the issue with my knee and the insurance company resolved. Maybe by then I'll have my head straight.

Huh. I doubt it!

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At 11:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your interesting days! I must interject a comment about having another baby. You really have the perfect setup right now! Four babies all healthy and so adorable! A family of six seems just right for you. Like you mentioned, if you have another one at 43, you'll be attending a high school graduation at the age of 61. Yikes! That reminds me, what are your thoughts on school? You mentioned that you don't like to be out and about but once a week - what the heck is gonna happen when you have four children in school at the same time? You won't have time to stay at home! Unless you are going to homeschool...is that your plan? I've tried it and it's not as easy for some as for others...I had to put mine in school - they need the socialization anyway....can to enlighten us on your thoughts?

At 6:38 am, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! Welcome!

You're right that when mine hit school age I'll have to be out of the house more, lol. I'll just have to get used to it. If it's for the babies - and thus is my job - then I'll do it.;)

I don't think I could ever homeschool. I feel like kids not only need the socialization of school but they need to get out and experience the reality of life: people who aren't nice, people who aren't polite, etc. 'Cause the world is full of them and I want my kids to be prepared to deal with them.



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