Friday, February 03, 2006

You have 6 seconds to relax ... GO!

Aaahhhh, my 'busy' week is over with. Now I just have to clean like a madwoman from now until Saturday morning when company arrives ...

I did get through my traffic court proceedings. It was like a little dollop of hell to drive up that road again (this is the route to NC). But I made it in a little over an hour (punishment enough, right there), was composed in front of the judge (refrained from weeping and tearing my hair), told the truth(seriously), and came out pretty well.

Today I went to my (hopefully) last ortho appointment. Dr P agreed that there was nothing more to be done and cut me loose. He will do an impairment evaluation to submit to the workers comp folks and then the fun will begin. He wouldn't share with me what he thought my impairment level would be.

I'm so sick of all this I could scream. I hope they get it worked out quickly and I can be done with this. When I get ready to work outside the home again, I want to be able to go into an interview armed with the stats.

I worry about getting hired with a disability. Do you have to tell a potential employer? I mean, I have no intention of lying to anyone but I don't want to volunteer info that might hurt my chances of being hired. It's kind of hard to know whether I'll be able to do a job or not without actually trying.

For example, ya know how you see adverts that say "must be able to lift 50lbs"? Well I can lift 50lbs just fine - I heft feed bags up in the barnyard often - I just can't walk them any appreciable distance. I can climb a ladder, but I can't turn when I'm up there (even the tiniest twisting motion on my knee is excruciating and it will fail - it's given out on me while doing this and I've fallen badly). I can get down on the floor - after a fashion - but I can't kneel or crawl on that knee.

I know that all of this seems to preclude my ever being in a techy type job again, but it just depends. I'm resourceful and I might be able to work around some things. I guess we'll just have to see when the time comes.

Of course, Dr. P might declare me completely unimpaired. Then I don't know what I'll do.


On a less depressing note: the Incredible Bulk ate his first entirely-non-pureed-food meal yesterday (pasta in marinara sauce, green beans, and bananas) and deftly gummed everything up just fine. He even managed to get a few finger length (his not mine) green beans into his own face, although each time he did he seemed startled, like: "where the heck did that come from?"

The pasta and sauce was a huge hit, too. I should've gotten pics.


I am also ill.

Yeah, I know, you're thinking: "Duh. So what else is new?"

Well, that's just it. This is new. I've got something else. Some coughing-plus-sore-throat nasty craptacular crud stuff ... thing.


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