Friday, February 10, 2006


Remember how I said I was getting yet another illness? Well I was wrong. It got me.

After a visit from the Bs on Saturday, it slammed me. I spent the next two days in bed (after dragging myself down both mornings to get the babies up and make breakfast) and the next few in a hazy still-feel-an-awful-lot-like-crap fog. I'm still hacking and snotting and Dad, the Human Crash test Dummy, and the Incredible Bulk all have new head colds, presumably the mild version of what I have.

I mean, jeez! Do you think I could get an immune system on eBay?


Well today was Dad's day to go home.

I disentangled his stuff from my stuff, packed it up and into the Explorer, and KK arrived with a rental car that's an automatic so he can drive it and she will drive his.

I'm sorry he has to leave but I understand that it's time. He can drive himself, shower standing up, shave at the mirror, and gets about well enough on his eurocrutches that he can shop for a few groceries without using a wheelchair. He's ready.

Time for that last hurdle: Home. I'm so glad that he has such a good friend as KK to get him started and I know all of his other friends will flock 'round to help. I also know that he knows he can come back down here if he ever needs to.

Finally I can stop worrying (so much) and relax (just a tad) and I'm ready.

I'm ready to settle back into my groove, concentrate on being a mom, work on getting pregnant one last time, think about going back to school, ponder going back to work, jot ideas down for a business I want to open one day, and ultimately run for a position on the school board in the district where my children will attend because I'm very concerned with the lack of discipline and parental accountability in our schools ...

But first I'm just gonna take a nap.

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At 3:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Blue,
Sorry to hear that the "funk" has gotten you guys. Tis the season...
Glad your father is going home. Maybe he can now work on his grieving and dealing with stuff while he is on his own, and you guys can work on getting well and get back in that groove. You definately deserve a big hug for all you have done.
Happy b-day to mr. 4 year old and happy v-day too.
Come visit us at the BBC feb. board. We have been having blue withdrawals.
corinne (4 on Monday)
and rivers (i am sick, have been sick, and know nothing but sick)

ps. Did you guys get snow on Thursday? Camden looked beautiful for about an hour and then gone...


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