Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Birthdays and babyshowers

Today my Bitty Girl turned two years old.

This is the sweetest, smartest baby you'd ever hope to meet. I know you're saying: "Hey, I've never heard Blue really brag on her children before!", well it's true. I always go by the old Scots belief that if you sing your child's praises too loudly that the elves will come and take the child and leave a changeling:

The elves once took a child away from its mother, and left in its place a changeling with a big head and staring eyes, who did nothing but eat and drink.

(ok, ok, this kinda sounds like all of my babies ...)

Anyway, all my children have their good attributes, but my Bitty? She's going to be my research physicist or the celebrated doctor. Not that the others aren't smart enough but that she has that combination of good nature and canny cleverness. She's the polar opposite of her sister. 10 months and 180 degrees of personality separate the two. The Human Crash Test Dummy is sensitive, eager to please, emotional. Every tiny slight or setback provokes tears.

Bitty? No way. She falls? She gets up, laughs and goes on. Her sibs refuse to share? She vocalizes about it then moves on to another toy. I demand that she does something? She smiles in the face of my displeasure.

My first two are very competitive and vie for attention. Bitty cares not. My first two want my approval. Bitty loves me, but pleasing me? ... eh ... whatever.

She does love her daddy though:

I have to confess that I adore her spunk. I love that I see so much of me in her. That who-gives-a-rip attitude.

*sigh* I'm gonna regret this later, aren't I?


OK, so I've been invited to a babyshower.

What is it about not being able to get pregnant that causes you to be a magnet for baby showers?

The shower is for my SIL, M. She's a lovely, smart, taciturn (like her brother) person and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits that she'll be the proud mom of baby 'I' here soon.

I'm really glad that the only - and I mean only - good thing about my NOT being preggers is that I won't be upstaging her.

See, Evil Genius Husband is the semi-slacker youngest child; the one who was expected to, well, slack his way for a bit. Instead he met me, unleashed his Power Sperm, and the rest is history. His oldest sister, H, followed with her daughter, E, in between my Boy and my Human Crash Test Dummy.

Now is M's time.

So, I won't be able to attend the shower but I want to get her a gift. I want to get her a good gift. Something that she needs. She'll be inundated with cute, expensive, and useless. I want something that she really finds uselfull. Something she'll appreciate. But what?


How cool is this? It's a wet-suit-like thingy that can save the life of a woman who has hemorrhaged in childbirth.

My only question is this: It's these very poor women in underdeveloped countries who are the ones who are dying and who can be most helped by the suit, right? So how is a very poor woman in an underdeveloped country who's giving birth in a hut in the middle of nowhere going to get access to his thing if she hemorrhages?

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At 12:08 am, Blogger Karry said...

I never had a baby shower so I couldn't tell you waht would be a useful gift, but I know that I sure appreciated all the diapers my MIL bought for the new baby for christmas. I didn't have to get diapers, formula, wipes or babyfood for my Youngest (born about a week before Christmas) for a good 6 months. That was the nicest thing ever - no bills with that baby.

At 1:28 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

Happy Birthday Bitty Girl!!

I call my dd Miss Bits.

That suit is amazing! As you said, how are they planning to get it where it's really needed?

the baby shower gift... I hate buying gifts, always guessing what the person would like, use and doesn't already have.
Is she interested in AP? There are some fab baby carries out there. Mei Tai's are my current favourite. Keeps both hands free to chase the rest of the tribe.
I made mine since I really couldn't justify spending $40-$65 for one that someone else made. They're easy enough and much more comfortable then snugglie and bjorn type carrier, plus they're better for baby's hips.
Sorry for the novel. I love your blog btw. Your children are just precious, your Father is amazing and your farm house-brilliant!

At 4:36 pm, Anonymous queenmommy911 said...

War Eagle! Love the T-shirt! Happy Birthday to Bitty Girl! As for the shower gift, it depends on her mom style. Nursing gear could be awesome, cloth diapers in cute fabrics, a baby sling, meals made ahead of time for those first few weeks after baby comes, Baby Einstein CDs...Gosh, shut me up already. I just love baby stuff...Have fun! Michelle

At 8:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got this as a shower gift, and I would have never actually bought it; however, it's something we can all use!!!
Not sure your price range--but it runs about $34, and you can have it shipped.

At 11:50 pm, Blogger Carrie said...

I swore I had a changeling child for a while!

Happy birthday to your bitty girl!

Best shower gift I've found? The Miracle Blanket. Yeah, you can swaddle with a regular blanket. But this is like a baby straight getting out of it! And it worked like a charm in getting DD to sleep well. :) Spot 4 tots sells them on eBay for a reasonable price (I've sent 3 from their store as gifts, plus the 2 we had for ourselves!).


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