Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here, have a doughnut.

Well, our trip to the BiLo was boring (I know you all were just biting your nails in eager anticipation of a story) (*snort*). We got the middle-aged, sweet and super-efficient check out lady. Man, I wish every cashier was like her.

Oh-oh-oh! I did get a Mommy Drive-By!

When I'm alone with The Brood in a store that has carts I put the two youngest in the seats and the two oldest in the carts (sitting down quietly, of course. It drives me insane to see someone let her child stand up in a cart. Do they not realize how hard that floor is? I've seen kids reaching out with over half their bodies outside the cart. I've seen toddlers standing up in the seat!).

Where was I?

Oh, so anyway, I'm pushing the one cart (the one with the Incredible Bulk in - I keep the baby close to me) and pulling the other. Now, I'm adept at this and we proceed carefully along the side of the aisle, keeping out of folks's way and snaking around corners like a short train. Well, I came around to the front aisle and there was the Merita guy setting up the Merita doughnut display (Mmmmm ... little white powdered sugar Merita doughnuts. Food of the gods) and he's all out in the aisle so we have to do an apologetic (Excuse me! No, excuse ME!) little side step.

As I get free of the Merita guy, a mom with her approximately-Bulk's-size-baby comes past. She's a few years younger than me - late 30s - and professionally dressed. I smile and say: " excuse me" even though I'm really not in her way by that time (it's a Southern thing, we're very polite) and her gaze sweeps my carts and she says, coldly, with just a hint of disgust:

"Well, you've got YOUR hands full,"

And strides off.

Uh ... what? What did I do? So much for polite Southerners (although, to be honest, she didn't sound Southern.) I was sincerely hurt.

Was it my casual clothes, perhaps indicative of my non-working-outside-the-home status? Was it the number of children? Did she assume that I lived off of her tax dollars and that I'd gathered my fat arse up off the couch just long enough to drag into the store for cigarettes and some TV dinners and cold cereal? Was she suffering secondary infertility and just disgruntled at any display of fecundity? Was she just a bitch? Was she just having a bad day and tired?

I'd like to go for the last one, please. That's what I keep telling myself.

I mean, I might be amused by (and blog about) some strange people, but I'd never treat another mom badly unless she was endangering her child. I've seen children who were thin, pale, with matted hair and dark circles under their eyes. I've seen kids in tee-shirts and a diaper in 40 degree weather. I've seen young mothers right outside the WalMart in a cloud of cigarette smoke holding their newborns (yes, that was Lexington). These people deserve some disgust.

As far as I'm concerned, if your kid appears healthy and happy and is well behaved, I'm cool.

I sure hope my drive-by mommy got herself some of those little doughnuts and went through the sweet and super-efficient cashier's line ... and I hope that her day got better.

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At 4:50 am, Blogger Anna said...

Ugh. You should have said "It's ok, some of us can multitask." I can't wait till I get my four, so I can give people like that a piece of my mind! I am in awe just by reading the description of pushing-pulling two shopping trolleys!

At 4:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to come up with something else to do besides start painting dd's room and thought--
'I wonder if Blue has blogged?' lol

You should have heard the cashier when I took my 3 (6,5 and 7.5months) to buy pregnancy tests...
it's not what you think--
She went on and on about how well behaved they are and how cute they all were... when she scanned the pg tests (all 5 lol) she actually smiled.

Sorry to hear about your drive-by. I'm sure she was just having a bad day.
I get them too, usually from other moms, mom's with only 1 or 2. They seem shocked that I'd have more then 2 children. I always want to say, yep they're all mine and I'm going to go home and have sex to make more:)

At 8:22 pm, Anonymous AeroDog said...

Maybe one had to be there to see the lady's expression, but I'm not sure she meant anything by the comment. Maybe she was just making conversation. Just reading the text, it didn't strike me as offensive.

At 6:44 am, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

I agree completely that the statement: "you've got your hands full" isn't offensive. I get it all the time in various tones - from 'don't know what else to say' to 'whew! better you than me', which is fine. But this chick was positively sneering.

Hopefully she got it out of her system and had a better day.


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