Friday, March 24, 2006

I need more trash bags!

I am so nesting. I don't know what's going on. I have actually been cleaning my house.


And before you get all excited, no, I don't know if I'm preggers. I hope that I am but I'm a bit depressed on the subject and trying not to get my hopes up. For those of you 'in the know' *taps side of nose and looks mysterious*; I'm CD24, and only 6dpo, so there's no way of telling.

I will say that my temps are hovering at 98.2 and that's an odd pattern for me and makes me question my O date (that it might be earlier than I think - my chart is funky this cycle). keep your extremities crossed for me.

OK, enough TTC code.

One of my mini projects (since I'm actually cleaning) has been to go through the babies' toys and toss out, like, 2/3 of them. I mean, seriously. For a group of little people whose almost entire collection of playthings came from the thrift store, they sure have loads of really nice toys.

I sort out the ones that I know they love and the ones that I know they play with all the time. (These are two seperate categories. They don't play with the obnoxious toy xylophone every day - thank goodness - but they love it and always come back to it.) I bag the ones that are badly broken or that they don't use much anymore. The former will go in the rubbish and the latter back to the thrift.

That leaves the 'problem toys'.

There are two kinds of problem toys: ones that *I* like (they're educational, classic, and/or 'they might play with this one day' types) and the ones that Evil Genius Husband likes (often inexplicable and useless. I mean, what do you do with a 2 foot tall Taz? At least the 2 foot tall Pumba is cute. He has plush bugs on strings that you can stuff into his mouth for goodness' sake!)

Add to all of this the Rule of Culled Toys which states that: no matter how old, broken, or little-played-with a toy is, the child(ren) will immediately fall upon it, play with it, and weep over its being thrown away if he or she discovers that it's being thrown away!

Speaking of cleaning, I have discovered the perfect tool for me in my ongoing war with my house: a Shop-Vac. Yep, you read that correctly. I went to Lowes (would you look at all that stuff?*) and bought a Shop-Vac. For my house.

It's cute, squat, surprisingly quiet, and bright red. I love it. It's so me.

I have a perfectly good hoover, by the way. But you have to understand that all of our floors are wood - there's only two largish rugs in the whole house that need hoovering - and there's 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and one EGH who likes to walk about inside with his barn boots on.

This shop-vac is destined to be my dear, dear friend.

Now ... Mr potato-head, should he stay or should he go?


*from Weird Al Yankovic's Hardware Store. I want a pair of pliers for every single room in my house. Seriously.

Oh, PS: check out what I got done before the weather got yucky.

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At 11:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! Another in-home shop-vac user!
They're great and easy to empty--mom's know how important that part is:)


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