Monday, October 29, 2007

A sad day in South Carolina

I just learned of this horrible thing.

(A) home erupted into a storm of fire and smoke Sunday morning in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. Six of the seven students killed attended the University of South Carolina; the other attended Clemson University. Six other South Carolina students in the house survived.

Please keep the families of these South Carolina kids in your thoughts. As a former University of South Carolina student and the daughter and daughter-in-law of USC graduates, I am particularly saddened.

Go hug your babies right now, folks.


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At 1:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew the Clemson student who died; she was an identical twin. She was there spending the weekend with her boyfriend (who also didn't make it).
Apparently, the scene was VERY bad. The parents could not identify the bodies--they were ashes.
A horrible, horrible tragedy!!!

At 11:06 pm, Blogger Chris Johnson said...

You never know what to say in times like these, but I really hurt for the families. When they said that these young people where in fraternaties and soroities I literally prayed beneath my breadth for them not to be D.U.'s. Even though they aren't I know it's hard for those that are left behind and I am with them in solidarity.


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