Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sailors and soldiers

Hey! That was my idea!

LOL, do you have or have you ever considered a tattoo with your kid's names on?

I've been wanting one for years!

Obviously I couldn't get one while I was pregnant and I also wanted to wait until I was done. NOW I can't figure out how I want it to look. I'd like one on my arm but I don't want to look like a sailor with a list of names down my arm, LOL!



I'd also like to take a moment to remember those innocent folks who died during 9/11 and all the soldiers out there fighting for our defense and freedom right now (and, of course, all those who have done so before).

We must be ever vigilant. The world is full of crazies.

I'm a huge patriot, as you can tell by the stuff in my shops. Anything patriotic, pro-American, or sporting the U.S. flag, I just love! Go USA!

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 9:01 am   6 comments


At 10:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently got a tattoo representing my kids using the first letter of each name which spells "CRAB." My brother designed a really cool crab and his friend, aka the tattoo artist, did a beautiful job!

At 4:11 pm, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I was going to suggest some sort of interlocking thing with all of your initials, or a tree of life sort of design that represented all of your family...

At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Kate W. said...

I have a friend that has the names of her children tattooed on her toes.They look like toe rings (3 of them) I have to admit, it looks really neat-but she said that it hurt like a muthah...

Blue- you need to comment on my blog! I need your humor and opinions!! :)

At 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My friend had a climbing rose tatooed on her lower leg and her childrens names are the stems inked in cursive.

I'm not a fan of tatoos - but it is beautiful artistically.

I will send you a pic if she will let me!


At 11:31 pm, Blogger Kristin said...

I'll never get a tattoo because I'm too scared of needles, but the kids' names thing sounds really cool. No creative ideas, though ... can't dwell on the needles too long. eeeeek.

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Cherokee said...

I suggest feet print starting from lower back "walking" up or from your shoulder "walking" down.. the first print bigger and getting smaller as you go up/down with childrens names tattooed along the side or inside. Biggest foot for oldest child, smallest for youngest... then, you can always add more should you have more children


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