Sunday, August 26, 2007

Going backwards

Did you see this?

The death from childbirth rate is still only 13 in 100,000, but, as the article says: "the fact that maternal deaths are rising at all these days is shocking."

Indeed. That's still over 500 deaths a year from childbirth. That's over 500 mothers.

I'm fascinated by these findings also because *I* possess all of the three suggested qualities that might be causing this increase in maternal mortality: older mom, overweight, and had c-sections. (They also mention larger babies and complications and my smallest baby was 9lbs even, my largest 10lbs 8oz, so I 'qualify' there, too.)

Thoughts? Opinions?

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 9:54 am   2 comments


At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I can ID with the article - I nearly was one of the mothers lost during childbirth - I was trying VBAC and all was well until she pushed out - I lost over 1/2 my blood supply and was nearly lost to the world. I don't remember much but the sounds of the people around me fading away - I was 40, overweight, and gestional diabetic - Both my babies were under six pounds at birth - I think not enough care goes into watching women as closely as they should if they think they are "high-risk" - my blood loss should not have happened - I don't think enough precautions were taken with me - coming that close to leaving the planet was a very scary thing. No more babies for me!!

At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you - I think ANY TIME they say it is something not to be concerned about - you need to be concerned! Again, I think it is the world's lack of care when it comes to women in general. If we are in pain "it is all in our heads!" or upset "Let me give you a anti-depressant!" we are NOT taken serioiuly by the medical community in the country. They are shutting down the local woman's hospital in my community, where I had all 5 of my babies because some state commission said it was not "profit making" and with this against them they could not stay open because they could not get malpractice insurance. WHAT is the real agenda?? Bellvue Hospital was competing against these baby mills who don't care about women and doing a better job! Sure watching out for a woman before, during and after after a birth costs money but economically we are over a huge percent of the workforce and are contibuting to the future of our society. Until the UTERUS can be replicated WE are the only thing that can grow babies - we are NOT machines and can't be ignored. All the infant mortality up until 90 years ago was because no one washed their hands. There is a very simple cure to this new problem - ASK QUESTIONS of women and more importantly LISTEN to us!!!! WE have an innate sense when something is not right. WE need to stand up and demand action!

Okay ANGRY WOMAN is done! Where is Hilary Clinton on this issue???? SHE should take a stand on this!!!
As my Senator may be I will e-mail her!

Thanks for the new mission...



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