Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank goodness!

Good morning everyone!

We have survived the holidays! Thank goodness they are OVER.

We had a lovely afternoon at EGH's sister's house (just the two sisters, their two kids, and Dr SIL's pleasant husband Soon-to-be Dr BIL), the day before Giftmas.

Then, yesterday, we went to FIL's.

The children's gifts were mostly OK, though we did get some electronics (which we repeatedly ask that they NOT get), and a lot of branded products (ditto), but they also got wonderful dinosaur toys; massive, sturdy trucks; art and craft stuff (including a FAB craft table!); etc.

Fiver loved the food, the babies all had a good time playing with their cousins, and I managed to not have a meltdown, lol.

I am no fun at gatherings. I feel sorry for EGH (who is v. patient with me), but I just have a problem coping with these sorts of things.

I don't mind crowds. I don't enjoy them, but I can handle them just fine. It's social situations where I suck.

I'm socially inept; I dislike loud, continuous, or repetitive noises; and, honestly, I don't like most people very much. It takes me about a half hour to get to the point where I want to find a nice dark closet in which to hide.

I never have enjoyed partying or clubbing, and holidays at the in laws fall in the same category. A tiny handful of people whom I enjoy talking to in a building full of people whom I don't know, don't care to know, or outright dislike? And I'm supposed to enjoy myself? Nope.

Not to mention the noise. The cattle-yard cacophony of a party. The loud drunken laughter; loud obnoxious conversation; televisions blaring; holiday music; electronic toys and games honking, tweeting, and shrieking; children (that are not mine) running and screaming; and those idiotic holiday stuffed whatevertheyares that sing, talk, dance, and wriggle (which I have no objection to - in principle - except when folks think it's hysterical to activate them OVER AND OVER AND OVER and stand around, wineglasses in hand, and haw!haw!haw! like it was the bloody cleverest thing evar.)




See, I didn't do that last night. At all. Aren't you proud of me?


Alright, enough drivel, here're some pics of the bubs in their jammies from aunt H and cousin E:

Boy, age 5, and the HCTD, age 4

The Incredible Bulk, age 2, and Bitty Girl, age 3

And my fave pic of all:

The Cowlick Kids - Fiver, age 9 mos, and Boy

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At 3:24 pm, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Congrats on surviving the holidays!

We didn't like the electronic gadget toys, either, so we decreed that they stayed at the homes of the people who gave them. Let me tell you, my adopted mother only bought noisy toys that ONE year...

Your family is still gorgeous. Holy cowlicks, huh?

I'm the same way with big crowds. Give me a couple of friends and some quiet down-time any day...

At 10:19 pm, Anonymous Her_Dad said...

Antisocial traits must be hereditary.

At 2:44 pm, Blogger Kathleen said...


Bloody glad to read you're okay! I miss reading the updates! Your brood is beautiful - cowlicks and all. I love to rad of your exploits - you always make me smile and realize I am not alone!

Have a VERY happy new year!

Kathy and her Five from NY


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