Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ramen love and Drama hate!

Just a few silly pics of The Brood enjoying some ramen noodles I made as a quick side for some broiled chicken.

Boy helps out his fork:

Bitty Girl and The Human Crash Test Dummy eat like young ladies. Sort of. Note the fancy cutlery work on THCTD's part.

The Incredible Bulk eschews cutlery:

Ditto Fiver, but at least he's eaten his green beans and chicken:

Well, let me get back to work. I've nothing to distract me now that I've abandoned my bulletin board due to high drama. *rolls eyes*

What? Oh, hell yeah, I'll share the story with ya, lol.

Get this: I apparently (read: supposedly) offended another board member with what was intended as a light-hearted college football rivalry joke.

Now, what would YOU do if you're on a bulletin board and come accross something offensive? I always immediately question it - that is, I ASK the person if she meant it that way. Especially if I don't know her (and understanding how nuances get lost with written media).
But this chick, instead of just going "whoa, I hope you didn't mean that seriously, cuz I found that offensive" (in which case, I would have apologised immediately) - climbs up on her high horse and pronounces down her nose that she went to that school and she's not that stereotype and we shouldn't bandy that sort of thing about lest we suddenly devolve into folks who think the 'n' word is acceptable.

I'm sorry? Excuse me?
The whole implication that my making a college rivalry joke meant that I really thought it was literally true, really shocked me and hurt my feelings.

So, I tried to make a joke and she tried to make me feel bad because SHE is hypersensitive.

I failed. She succeeded.

The amusing bit was that she condescendingly told me that her simply disagreeing with me didn't make her reaction ugly. Uh, no, honey. You're overreacting and being a pissy bitch; you are being ugly. Hello!

Ahh, well, there's always one or two on every bulletin board, I guess. *sigh* I just wish they'd stay off of that one. I haven't decided if I'm going back as my threshold for self-absorbed drama queens is low.

Blimey. Most of those folks were my friends and I miss them already. It's quite an eclectic group, clever and (usually) full of humour.
Jeez. How sad is it that those folks are the only adults I 'speak' with (aside from EGH) sometimes for days at a time?
Did I roll eyes yet? Did I?

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posted by MrsEvilGenius @ 5:52 pm   6 comments


At 7:23 pm, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I never cease to be amazed at the levels of immaturity I find everywhere. I'm sorry this happened to you - if you need mature interaction, you've got my email address; I'll banter with you all you want, Honey!

At 7:24 pm, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, and MAN! but those kids are cute! Nice job, you two!

Tell EGH I say "hey!" and that I hope his not writing means he's got nothing that's worthwhile griping about...

At 5:40 am, Anonymous Dustyleaf said...

{{hug}} come back and I'll make you another video ;-). You are missed.x.

At 1:23 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

I hear you on the message boards. I've been an active member on one site for the past seven years. There will always be some kinda drama. Go back, it's better to have the friends than to live without them.

At 7:04 pm, Anonymous AeroDog said...

I'm surprised that you're surprised at such a reaction here in the United States of the Offended. A lot of people devote their lives to searching for things to be offended by.

At 9:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Boy!

It's my ds's 6th birthday today also.

I came here from the Babycenter Feb 2002 boards.



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