Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slash costs! Dump wasteful stuffs!

Excellent article on saving money by cutting out crap you don't need and axing fees for services.

These articles normally don't impress me, but this one is well thought out. None apply to us hard core frugals, of course, lol, but are worth the read.

The writer suggests DYI snacks, bottled water, coffee, and fruits and veg. All sound advice, especially the produce tip. I am often stunned at how much more people will pay for pre-cut, pre-washed, tiny packaged, foods.  Does it realy save you THAT much time?  It takes me about 3 minutes to prepare a salad from scratch. srsly.

Credit card and ATM fees. These are no brainers, to me. Just don't do it. Pay off that plastic (if you MUST have one), every month. If you can't, then you need to cut those suckers up.

S/he extolls the virtues of buying MPG online (rather than the whole CD) and Netflixing films. Wonderful thoughts!  Especially the Netflix. No lie, Netflix rawks. You can get ALL the films you can consume in a month for 9 bucks? Heaven for a movie freak!  Not to mention great Brit comedy, telly shows, nature films, etc. No driving.  No running that DVD back to the store. NO late fees. Plus you get to try it out for two weeks totally free.

The last two are fresh flowers and mail/fax services. Again, a no-brainer for me. Why would you even use a mail service? Send 'em yourself. I adore fresh flowers but content myself with a birthday bouquet and my lovely garden which is blooming right now with daffs, hyacynth and tulips(soon). In the summer it's an oasis of colour. All for free or the cost of a few seeds.

All in all a great article for us tightwads, LOL.  Which tip is your fave?  Any others you'd like to contribute?

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At 5:46 pm, Anonymous RPF said...

On the tip about using the post office, you can save even more time and money if you're mailing priority packages by having the post office come to you. You can schedule a free pickup from your regular mail carrier if you have at least one priority mail piece. No driving down to the PO to mail and waiting forever for the clerk to get done yakking about the weather with the person in front of you.

On the buying single cuts from albums--I hear what she's saying but as a person who has many musician friends and worked in the biz for many years that breaks my heart. Sure, U2 is making money out the wazoo anyway, but lots of smaller bands don't have that kind of volume. So I say be thrifty but please support your favorite bands by buying their stuffs. :D

At 5:10 am, Blogger MrsEvilGenius said...

This is an excellent point! Especially if you like a smaller struggling band.

I personally have the same mentality about CDs as Books: Must. Own.

I want to be able to listen/read any time. Hey, those other tracks might grow on me. :D

Solution: be patient and buy used from Amazon


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