Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick catch-up

Ugh! So sorry for the dearth of posts!

I had a financial re-boot in my life that I'm dealing with.

Briefly: last wednesday (April 22) due to some "downsizing", the fullfillment service that I use for some of my products (at Evil Genius Tees and Evil Genius Woman) will be making changes that will effectively halve my income.

Cut income in half.


This sucks and it's wrong on many levels and I suspect they are either dancing around bankruptcy or being sold. But, bottom line is that it is what it is.  I won't make further comment because it would nessessitate the use of Very. Very. Bad. Words.

So we're in a recession and I just got a 50% pay cut, so to speak. w00t.

Good thing I'm The Thrifty Mom, eh?

I'll keep you updated on how things are going. Meanwhile, the bubs (well, the oldest 4) are taking swimming lessons that I have no idea how I'm gonna pay for, but am determined not to cancel. Number 1) they are adoring it, and 2) I promised, damnit, and no effing company who can't get their effing poop in a group is gonna keep my wee ones from swimming lessons and make me go back on my word.

Deeeeeep breaths.


So, please check out the corresponding update on my Thrifty Dieter's blog (good news in diet land!) and run over to my newest webpage: The Thrifty Mom Dot Com where I bring together both blogs, plus the forum, and many many articles, tips, and general snarky-ness to come! Please feel free to leave comments and critiques for me in the comments here. If you see anything out of whack, let me know.

Also note my spiffy new RSS feed button in the sidebar and my donate button. Yeah, yeah, I know. I hate to do it but "needs must when the devil drives", right?  So if you enjoy the blogs, consider dropping a quarter into the piggybank to help pay for hosting ... and swimming lessons, LOL!

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