Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smoke? Fat? Don't exercise? No prob. Eat meat? DIE!

More on the "meat will kill you!" witch hunt.

Mark Sisson over at Mark's Daily Apple blogged the subject as well, enumerating several points quite clearly. He also posted a quote from the conclusion of the study that left me gobsmacked:

"“Subjects who consumed more red meat tended to be married, more likely of non-Hispanic white ethnicity, more likely a current smoker, have a higher body mass index, and have a higher daily intake of energy, total fat, and saturated fat, and they tended to have lower education and physical activity levels and lower fruit, vegetable, fiber, and vitamin supplement intakes.”"

Uhh ... whut? More of the folks who croaked had higher BMI, lower fruit and veg intake, and were more likely smokers?  And I'd bet my last dollar consumed mass quantities of carbs and sugars daily (this is NOT the profile of a health food nut, folks). BUT IT WAS THAT DAMNED RED MEAT THAT KILLED 'EM!

This study just went from useless to stupid. The authors invalidated their own study in that one paragraph.

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At 1:55 pm, Anonymous Dana Seilhan said...

That, and they were all upper-middle-aged or OLD. Hello? Natural end of life? Many more men than women died too, I notice. Right in line with usual life expectancy patterns, as women generally outlive men.


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