Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exercise doesn't cure obesity

I said it before, and I'll say it again, you must change your diet to successfully lose weight. Here's  more proof that exercise alone is not instrumental in helping lose weight.

"Physical fitness programs in schools improve many aspects of children's health, but they don't appear to combat obesity"

Thank you!  Sadly, the authors of this article and the doctors interviewed continue to cling to the idea that exercise has some impact.

"The failure to reduce BMI scores might have been because the programs did not offer enough vigorous activity [snip] the authors suggested.


Louise Baur, from the University of Sydney in Australia, [snip] writes that reversing trends in childhood obesity requires a broader, long-term approach -- from healthier school meals to changes in how cities are developed so that they encourage more physical activity."

No, no, NO! Childhood obesity cures start IN THE HOME! (Sorry for shouting) Changing school meals helps and I am absolutely for PE because exercise improves one's all over health, but if we are battling FAT, and we are;

"The rate of childhood obesity in the United States has tripled in the past 40 years and similar increases are occurring in Canada and most of Europe"

then that fight begins at HOME. With momma and how she eats, her dietary habits, her food choices. It's simple, people!

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At 6:01 am, Anonymous carla said...

I cling to this. to your last sentence.
Im confident Ill screw up my daughter (we all do in one way or another huh? :)) but at least it will be in a DIFFERENT WAY.

such a good, true, BLUNT post.

At 10:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Carla, I am sure you will never see this comment, but I have to say it.

You may screw up your daughter, but I am sure she will point out to you in exquisitely painful detail in what ways... ;-> Part of being a Mom, I am sure. But the reward is that she will probably reproduce, and as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold!

Great post, Evil G. I am with you on your dietary detective work... I'm apparently Big & Fat on the BMI scale at 152 lbs (5'7"). But my bodyfat index is 19%. I am 60. Jeez, imagine that? A muscular 'fit' 60 year old that eats nothing but protein and fat. Ever.

The evidence is IN. Carbs really ARE poisons to most people, and to me, in all forms. I am a Type II diabetic with perfectly controlled blood sugar for the past 10+ years. I just stay away from the dogma spewing medico's. Food pyramid my muscular, shapely 60 year old ass.

Ramble ramble... Love your blog. Exploring and enjoying... Great Fun!


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