Saturday, May 02, 2009

Your Saturday morning diet rant

Just a couple of teensy vents for you today.

Number one, what's up with the people who say to me "well, I don't know what Lacto-Paleo is" (said to me in a totally arch and snotty tone as if I'd made those two words up) or "what's Lacto-Paleo?"

OK, you know what Paleo is (this is assumed in this rant, lol), why can't you suss out the lacto part? There are lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, pesco-vegetarians, and ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarians (!)(otherwise known as regular people who want to feel all cuddly and warm about themselves) so what's so puzzling about lacto-paleo?

Do you really not recognise the root "lacto"?  As in "lactate"?  As in the making of the milk?  Hello!

Last of all: You haz de Googlez. Look it up for fark's sake!  Don't stand there acting like you just don't have time for all this tin-foil hattery that I'm pulling out of thin air. It's a legitimate WOE, people. Many, many low carbers are enjoying what is essentally a Lacto-Paleo lifestyle.

Second vent:

Why is it that many restaurants have low calorie and even vegetarian choices but almost none have low-carb choices? (Feel free to comment and tell me "Blue, it's because people are idiots!" LOL; alas, I know that's true!)

Seriously. I should be able to walk into a Burger King and say: "I want a number 3 and could you Low Carb that, please?" and they'd bring me my whopper made sans bun, NO fries, and a drink.  Instead, if I'm running late and I dive into the Micky Ds for breakfast I have to have this convo:

"Good morning. May I get a sausage McMuffin with the cheese on the side?"
"May I get a sausage McMuffin with the cheese on the side."
"You don't want no cheese?"
"No. I want the cheese but I want it on the side, not on the McMuffin."
"You want extra cheese?"
(gritting teeth) "No. I want a sausage Mc Muffin and I want the cheese that goes on it, separate."
(turns to other cashier) "So she don't want no cheese?"

If you ever hear of a 45 year old mother of 5 strangling a cashier in South Carolina, that'll be me!

(In case you're wondering about the cheese, if I just order it and try to remove the muffin myself, my lovely cheese sticks to it and gets wasted. If i try to order one without the muffin, I have to endure the "whut?' factor plus they inevitably just yank one apart that's been made, throw cheese on it and nuke it in the back - yuck!)

We need to start a campaign and demand that restaurants offer low carb choices!  It would actually be quite easy for most of them and it would make them money. Think about it - most of us primals avoid all restaurants for this reason.

What do you do in a pinch when you're out and need a good primal/paleo/low carb meal? Any good low-carb friendly restaurants or meals that you know of? Tell us in the comments!

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At 11:44 am, Anonymous ChiaOwl said...

My daughter works at BK - read: we get DISCOUNTS! I always order a value meal: sandwich without the bun (they serve it in a bowl with a lid, fork, and knife), side salad, and drink which I get myself of course - iced tea usually, it's unsweetened. For the same price as any other value meal. I rarely go to McD's, and the only other fast food place in our little town is Arby's, where I order the same way as I do at BK on the rare occasions that we eat there.

I definitely HEAR YOU on your rants...but just to be clear, what is lacto-paleo again? ;)

At 2:17 pm, Anonymous Aunt Juicebox said...

I actually think the only restaurant I know of that still has a specific "low carb" section on the menu is Cracker Barrel. When I get takeout that I can't bring home and "doctor" myself, I try to stick to places with some sort of grilled chicken salad.

At 3:37 pm, Anonymous The Wulf Man said...

My order at Hardee's is always "low carb Monster Thickburger". They always know what I mean.


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