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I eat meat.

These people are incredible idiots.  Srsly. These morons are so laughingly stupid and uniformed that, if their 'advice' wasn't so dangerous to people's health, I'd be rolling on the floor.

As it is, they sickeningly regurgitate the putrid muck of conventional anti-science and embrace the lies of popular "health wisdom". 'healthy active living' EPIC FAIL.

(thx to Dr. Michael R. Eades MD, for link via Twitter.)

I ask, again, how folks can actually believe such rubbish as a low-fat diet being good for you when Americans have been following one for over 30 years and getting fatter, sicker, and, apparently dumber (to keep mindlessly gorging on garbage like the above article).

It's right up there with people who actually believe that humans are supposed to be vegetarians.  What's next? The earth is flat? The moon landing was a hoax?

Dr. Eades happens to have a recent blog post on the very subject of what we are really meant to eat: meat.

"Au contraire to what our vegetarian friends would have us believe, we have the GI tracts of carnivores, not herbivores, and we were designed by nature to use every last speck of the nutrients in meat. We can survive on all-meat diets just fine, whereas we can’t survive on an all-plant diet without supplementation."

And a fact that vegetarians and vegans cannot seem to grasp (impaired brain fucntion due to eating no meat, maybe? I'm being serious.) that we evolved our large brains BECAUSE we ate meat.

"We’ve developed our large brains and our social instincts as a consequence of meat eating. I’m planning a post on this subject in the near future, so you can see how our very humanness arose because we developed a taste for meat. We are carnivores to our very cores – were we not, we would still be roaming the savannas with brains the size of grapefruits."


On the subject, I just couldn't resist this "I eat meat" funny t-shirt for all of us carnivores and low-carb folks.  I am SO getting myself one!:

carnivore, atkins, paleo, primal, warrior, VLC, ZC, low carb, meat eater funny t-shirt. I eat meat!

As I've said time and again, going low carb, punting grains and sugars and starches, moving your body, getting more sun, that is: getting healthy, doesn't have to be hard.  Really. There is no set plan, no ideal diet.  Like Tony, the anti-Jared (who has lost over 200lbs - thats 50lbs more than I have!) said: "Diets are like snowflakes, no two are going to be alike."

You have to experiment and see what works for you.

Take me, for instance. I dropped 100lbs like 10 sacks of hot potatoes by just slashing grains, starches, and sugars from my diet. I ate whatever else I wanted - spoonfulls of peanut butter, any and all meats, mayonnaise, margerine, chunks of cheese, etc, etc. 

By the time I discovered Paleo (or Lacto-Paleo for me since I still eat some butter, heavy cream, and cheese), dropping fruits, nightshades, and legumes was easy.  I continued to eat what I wanted and continued to lose weight.  Eventually I drifted into an easy equilibrium of eating mostly fatty meats, eggs, and trace amounts of butter, cream, cheese, nuts/seeds, and veg (I eat a small serving of lettuce, raw carrots, or cooked greens - cabbage/collards - abt 2-3 times a week).

My health is excellent, my blood pressure is great, and my cholesterol is the lowest it's ever been in my life. I feel good and have tonnes of energy, BUT, after over 150lbs lost, I've discovered that if I want to continue to lose weight, I have to watch my calories (and cut back on my beloved cheese and nuts).

So even on a plan that turns out to be great for you, you might have to make adjustments now and then. Take this Primal chick whom I follow on Twitter who is experimenting with going 100% carnivore (called ZC or zero carb)*.  She's had tremendous success and in that blog post does a good job of detailing her thoughts about the plan.

"VLC is poorly defined. Is it Atkins Induction with two cups of veg? Is it animal products only? What I like about meat-only is that it's a clear end-point, from which I can choose to reincorporate various foods and judge scientifically my body's response to them, without too many confounding variables. It goes without saying that grains and refined sugars will never be part of my diet; I may ultimately resume the primal lifestyle since it works very well for me, with perhaps a little more restriction on the frequency of fruit and amount of veggies, given my recent learning. I'm not predicting the outcome. I like this journey of discovery and learning, keeping it as pure as possible, with me just along for the ride. :) "

VLC is Very Low Carb, which applies to my own diet plan, and she's right about its being poorly defined. That's my point. There is no one perfect plan. Do like she and I both did and jump in with something that sounds good, whether its a DIY diet like Paleolithic or a set plan like Atkins, and roll your own.

Just stick to the basic principals of good health: eat whole fresh foods, not processed anything, eat meats, fats, nuts, and vegetables; dump refined flours and sugars, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup; move yourself, walk more, do some body-weight-training; get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, without chemicals on your skin.

You don't have to go carnivore, you don't have to go VLC, you don't even have to give up all grains and sugars (though I really recommend it), but just do something. Build your own diet plan and get healthier. Trust me on this: when you get to be my age (45), having the arthritis almost miraculously better and having the energy levels through the roof really, really makes a difference!

How have you adapted your eating plan for life? Are you still on the same plan or did you have to tweak it a bit?  How so?

*In case you are freaking out about the concept of 100% carnivore, I do it all the time. I have never done the pure version (which is just meat, no spices, and water. Period.) but I have gone for weeks eating nothing but meat as my food; no veg, no cheese, no nuts, no butter. I noticed no difference in energy level or well-being. It's great.

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At 1:48 pm, Anonymous moonduster said...

As you know, I completely agree that everyone's diet plan will be different because everyone is different.

I read the article's take on Slimming World and it was wrong on many points. One, you don't feel hungry because you can eat all the time. Two, they skipped the Extra Easy plan altogether and only mentioned the Green plan and the Original plan. Also, they seemed to favor the Green plan and mentioned more than once that you needed to mix the plans and not have too many Original days, but that's not true. (I prefer Original -i.e. meat - days.) People can choose which one they like best and do it ONLY if they want to. They'll still lose weight.

At 3:05 am, Anonymous Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the link and quote! :)

I forced myself to read through the first two of those ten diets - the first confused me, and the second horrified me (the biased and ignorant analysis, that is!).

A peep at the third showed that at least their superficial look at The GI Diet was accurate enough to encourage others to try it, so that was a good end point for my reading. After all, The GI Diet would be a great starting point for people shifting from the SAD, cutting out grains and sugars, and beginning their own anecdote and research process. And as you so eloquently suggest, we're far more likely to stick with something we're individually developed to suit us and our goals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Love the shirt - I'm in the market for a stretchy black singlet with something meaty across the bust... ;)

At 8:15 am, Anonymous Mark said...

I love this line in the summary of the atkins diet:

As the diet is not nutritionally adequate, supplements of vitamins and minerals are needed. There is little evidence to know what effect the Atkins plan has on health in the long-term.

I guess people like the Inuit and the American Plains Indians had it all wrong...these clowns ought to do a little research of primitive cultures which gives all the validation you could want. I'd trust "primitive" cultures over agenda-driven lab rats being funded by big AGRA/PHARMA!

Great post! Dr. Eades site has such wonderful info. He's just awesome.

At 2:33 am, Anonymous mherzog said...

Here is an interesting video on the subject:

At 7:35 pm, Anonymous Mickie said...

You were/are my inspiration to go Lacto-Paleo this past week...have lost 53 pounds on VLC; still have another 50-60 to go.Luckily, I love meat and eggs and, as long as I don't actually EAT them, no cravings for carbs whatsoever (my workmates laugh that I just want to SNIFF their donuts and then walk away satisfied!) Just not willing to give up my 1.5 oz of grated cheddar in eggs every morning, hence the "lacto".
My question is about the veggies you allow..I agree with staying away from the nightshades; although I don't seem to have a problem with arthritis or rosacea, I DO gain at least a pound everytime a tomato touches my lips. And if cucubits are out, what do you suggest? I do enjoy the occasional veggie...a favorite is coarsely ground raw broccoli/cauliflower w/homemade mayo and sugar-free bacon crumbles...what do you use as a dressing on your salad greens? And what do your (occasional) salads consist of?
And do you indulge in any fruit at all? Occasionally, I crave a section or two of red grapefruit, but usually find the reality rather disappointing.


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