Saturday, September 05, 2009

This week sucked, can I get a new one, plz?

Wow.  What a super bad week I had!  Bodog was ill, my kid's school enacted some super stupid policy changes, Google decided that I can no longer submit product feeds, and the folks who do some of my t-shirts shat out another nugget of idiocy to keep us both from making money. w00t!

And yesterday was the sucktacular epitome of a craptastic week!  It was!  Bodog, 1) insisted that he was fine to go to work, then, 2) insisted he was fine to go get comics (in Columbia SC), THEN, 3) had a low blood sugar episode in an entirely different city*.  So I got to have a semi-hysterical convo with EMTs on my cell whilst struggling to finish cooking my children's supper all the while wondering if I was going to have to drive us all 1/4 way accross the state in the middle of the night to retrieve him.

Next week's gonna be super much better, yeah?

Yeah.  Has to be. 

So did anything good happen, Blue?  You promised to drop the all-venting format, here, remember?

Oh, yeah.  Hrm.

Well, my tractor's still running (though my truck is not). I chugged around on it the other day (the tractor. I didn't just sit in my truck making chugging noises, lol). Terribly cathartic, that.  You just can't be in a hurry on a tractor.  You are forced to take it easy and enjoy the scenery. 

I got some hay (delivered) thanks to the fabulous new people I'm getting hay from. (I hope we're friends forever and ever *smooches*!) and, I must say, having several huge bales of hay surrounded by happy, quiet, cudding, sheep (the goats are never happy OR quiet) really really reduces my stress levels.

I got a cool design done yesterday and got an idea for another one. I'll share both when I get 'em up.

OK, that's three, is that cool? :)  Now here's the v. best things from this past week:

Yup, my two baby boys, Bulk and Fiver! Bulk (left) didn't get in to 4K so I have these two wicked wee villains-in-training all day with me. Here they are in their steampunk goggles ready for Evil Genius training:

Cool!  I'll confess to being sort of glad that my Bulk didn't get into school. I'm dreading the day that Fiver goes in. I don't know what I'll do with m'self.

Right. That's it for today. Hopefully your week went better than mine and ALL our coming weeks will be fabulous!

*When bodog's blood sugar drops it impedes his brain function, including memory. If he's alone and driving he'll often forget where he is and where he's going and simply drive until he feels so bad he has to pull over.  Last night he ended up in a whole 'nother city.

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At 7:26 am, Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

I'm sorry your week sucked. It's gonna get better, just you see.

At 9:33 am, Blogger moonduster said...

I agree! This week is going to be better for us both!

And your boys are adorable! For all but two mornings a week, I'll have my 2 boys home with me without their sisters too. (On those 2 mornings, my 3 year old will be in preschool, so it'll just be the baby home.)


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