Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why doesn't panic burn more calories?

Just a quickie today! I'm seriously overwhelmed this week. How'd my life get so busy, lol?

I have been rebuilding websites (got Evil Genius Husband's site up but not nearly complete), working on my stores (check out my Earth Day/conservation designs - just two, but I have a bunch more yet to get done), trying to work on my NEW stores in the other venue (sorry no link, not even close to done), PLUS I'm going insane trying to clean my house. A co-worker of EGH's is coming to visit this week with her kids and my house and my barnyard are a mess (VENT on this visit later).

Oh, and I have my post-partum check up this week and the stock sale is Saturday and I have NO cages made. None. And now it's freakin' freezing outside.

Did I mention that my diet is at a standstill? Did I say that already? Have I vented about how, supposedly, it'd take 2500+ calories a day to maintain my ginormous weight but I'm eating between 1000-1200 calories a day and haven't lost an ounce in 3 days? Did I mention that? And I'm breastfeeding too?

Oh and before anyone kindly suggests (talkin' to you aerodog): "well, you just need to get out and get some exercise!" please remember that I don't get out to check my post during the day right now. I can't leave the children, of course, during the day, and when EGH gets home we barely have time to speak to each other before he's out doing the chores and I'm feeding the babes and cooking supper. Then it's dark.

ANYway ...

Today shall be a good day because it's The Human Crash Test Dummy's birthday. She's been keenly anticipating this; getting anxious for her own day after Boy's birthday in February, and downright disgruntled after her little sister's birthday in March. They still love each other, though:

I do have to make a cake ("I wanna zebra cake, momma!"), but that shouldn't take too long. I'll snap a pic of it for you - it won't be fancy, I warn you.

OK, gotta run. Making muffins for breakfast. (That I can't eat. You know it really sucks to have to make food for other people when you can't eat it yourself. I should only serve chocolate. I hate chocolate.)

My birthday girl, four years old today:

(That's a flower she's holding, not a can of whoopass as her expression suggests)

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At 3:26 pm, Anonymous mrschili said...

A few things:

1: Happy Birthday to HCTD! Tell her for me that she's beautiful.

2: That looks more like a brownie or cookie she's holding and I'm glad you told me what it was because I never would have guessed.

3. Stop stressing about the weight. I'm learning that lesson, too; letting go of the expectations goes a long way to seeing results.

4. You hate chocolate?! Really?! I didn't know that was possible. Oh well, all the more for me!

At 9:59 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

Wait...didn't you just have fiver not that long ago. Could it even be five/six weeks yet? You are going to be busy. Then add your other children, home, farm and life...there's no time for exercise.

I know that people are going to say that's not true but I'm kinda stuck there myself and I only have three kids. It's hard to fit exercise in when you are running around all day.

You might not be losing weight because you are not consuming enough calories. I know that it's against all logic but if you don't have enough calories, your body will store the ones you have and you will not lose weight. I'm thinking that might be what's up especially with the breastfeeding.

At 5:06 am, Blogger Katherine said...

I am seriously impressed you manage to look after five kids on your own during the day, and it's a pity that in and of itself is not exercise enough :)
I had a thought - maybe you could get some exercise dvd's which can be done with kids around, and paused when you need to dash to help the kids with something? And maybe you could get an exercise mat and some weights so you could have your own mini type gym, and then the dvd's for inspiration/motivation? I'm sure they can be had for cheap somewhere - there are trillions of people who start and then discard them after one use.
Also 1200 calories sounds like a very tiny amount to me, especially if you're breastfeeding. I've read its dangerous to eat too little - stops your metabolism etc, makes your body think its starving and then it holds onto the weight. So maybe you could eat a little more, and concentrate on it being healthy stuff?

Feel free to ignore all this assvice - you have my unending admiration for the good job you are doing with your kids.

At 9:23 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

+1 on the advice against taking in too few calories. Keep drinking water in lieu of other beverages, and eat sensibly in moderation.

When I was a 24/7 caregiver, I lost a lot of weight because I had no time to eat, and I had trouble finding a way to keep my intake high enough for my level of activity. Life was so chaotic and temporally skewed that an exercise routine was impossible. I suspect I am still paying for this abuse of my body.

Please be sure that you are getting enough calories for basic metabolic processes, and drinking plenty of water, and remember to step back once in a while and breathe.


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