Thursday, March 15, 2007

"What fresh hell is this?"*


As if the whole jaundice thing wasn't sufficient, Fiver and I have thrush.

This is about the same time-frame that I got it with Bulk, if you recall, and boyohboy had I forgotten how bad it can be. Sweet Mother of Stan Lee but this HURTS. I actually look over at my sweet son with a touch of dread each time he makes a sound. Sort of an ohdeargod don't be hungry type thing.

That makes me feel bad. I hope we get over this soon.

The ironic part is that he has a perfect latch just like my oldest, Boy, did. I've not had a speck of pain breastfeeding him up until the thrush came along. Crudnuggets.

So, no new pics since he's got the purple-mouth (from the gentian violet. Actually he is using the Nystatin oral suspension but I'm doing the GV and it's purpling him up).

Here are two pre-thrush pics for you:

Still pretty orange as you can see, but doing great. BTW, I know you keep saying to yourself: "Where the heck did Blue get that adorable baby toy snake?" Is that not the cutest thing EVAR? Fiver loves it. He loves grabbing it and squeezing, making him look for all the world like wee Hercules in his crib. Well that, my friends, is a Zach and Brie's Mom original! Made for me by her own devilishly clever hand and given as a gift. I am sooooo jealous of her mad skillz!

And here's Li'l Momma: the Human Crash Test Dummy, the worlds most nurturing almost-four-year-old. Too sweet.


*Bonus points to anyone who recognizes this line, spoken by the bioengineered parrot in Michael Crichton's Next

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At 10:23 am, Blogger Anna said...

That's from when the parrot gets driven across the States by that guy who wants to give him as a present to his Auntie, (or Grannie or whatever) isn't it? Not to clear on the details, that's what happens when you try to read a book asquicklyashumanlypossible before your babe wakes up. Loved that book!

Fiver is bite-ably cute and I DO love the snake. Hope the thrush goes away soon.


At 10:40 am, Blogger Zach & Brie's Mom said...

It's like your own broadway production over there, almost. Blue and the Amazing Technicolor Fiver! First Jaundice Orange, and now Thrush Purple.

Seriously, hope the thrush goes away soon - I guess I lucked out since I never dealt with it, but I remember a nasty case of mastitis.

And some of my best pics are of the kids together - love the one of HCTD and Fiver.

At 11:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My fiver and I had thrush too! MAKE SURE TO USE THE NYSTATIN ON YOUR NIPS TOO! Seriously - it will keep you two from passing it back and forth!!!

Have a great one!!


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