Saturday, February 24, 2007

Much random rambling randomness

Argh! Sorry about the Cosby clip! It was the skit where he talks about his wife's labour (with their first, I assume). Poo!

Well, I got nothin' for ya today. Still not packed for the hospital, house is still a wreck (I've come to the conclusion that I need Michele to come to my house, in a HazMat suit, with a gallon of Lysol, and a 6.5 hp ShopVac), haven't even made out the 'reminder schedule' for my mum and EGH for when I'm gone.



Totally off-topic, I did find this. They're trying out a new x-ray thingy in the airports that has the ACLU (*ptooi!*) up in arms. I think it's cool, myself. I'd MUCH rather be scanned than have some stupid hooman put her hands all over me (I assume if women get a pat-down it's by a female?) I mean, ewww.

I hate being touched by strangers, especially females. Who wants to be mauled by hands that have handled a hundred other women? What if the last chick had some creeping crud? Do they glove up before they pat you down? (Now there's a t-shirt!) What about business women in several-hundred-dollar suits? Can you imagine Crystal the Airport Security Person who just finished a tuna sandwich AND used the toilet, but is woefully lax in remembering the whole wash-your-hands-after detail, fondling you in your crepe Armani suit?

Did I say "Ewww"?

I wouldn't care what they saw of my body. It's not like it's some leering crowd in the booth or that they can see any details. Also, the pics can't be saved, so my silhouette wouldn't end up on the 'net (erm, probably). Like the lady says at the end: I have nothing to hide.

My only concern is exposing possibly pregnant women to X-rays. That's bad. One assumes that's been thought of already, though. My guess is that the 'rays' are too weak to do any harm?


Speaking of t-shirts, check out my St. Patrick's day stuff! From Evil Genius Blue (tame stuff), and from Evil Genius Comics, T-shirts and Gifts (Not-so-tame. Note: some things in this last store may NOT be kid/work safe!)


Does anyone else find it irritating when people write "St. paTTy's day"? Or worse: "st patties day"? This makes me want to scream. It's PADDY. The diminutive of Patrick is Paddy with two 'D's! "Patty" is a woman's name, people.

Aaaand speaking of wrong words, I recently read in New Avengers Illuminati (Issue 2, written by Brian Michael Bendis *swoon*) where a character said: "Well, that just makes me nauseous"*

Yeah, you're definitely making me feel a bit queasy.

The correct term is nauseated. That makes me nauseated. I feel nauseated. If you say "That makes me nauseous", you are saying that YOU make OTHER people feel sick. Nice little explanation/rant here on the subject.

I will happily admit that folks who use bad grammar make me ill.

LOL, alright, let me quit before the delightful Mrs. Chili sends me a cease and desist letter for nicking her idea. ;)


*I am working under the assumption that Mr Bendis, who is a god among men, intended for this character (Tony Stark - Iron Man - who is sometimes kinda dense) to look like an eejit by saying this.

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At 7:50 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

I LOVED that skit! "Zeep-Zop, zeep-zop! PUSH...PUSH...!" CLASSIC stuff!

And no - I'm not going to gripe about your grammar rants. I say, "the bigger the army, the more land we can conquer." Don't make me single-handedly responsible for teachng the world - work with me, Sister!

At 5:58 pm, Anonymous AeroDog said...

Yet another illustration of the fundamental difference between men and women. Women had rather be patted down by women and men had rather be patted down by women.

At 10:29 am, Blogger Sharpie said...

Hoping you never hold it against me after you read my horribly written - grammatically error infested blog. Or at least, don't run screaming from the building!!!

Maybe today's the day??????


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