Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Birthdays everywhere!

The exo-nesting continues.

The blokes finished the fence Monday, and I, in what can only be described as a fit of enthusiasm, tore down a corner of the picket fence around the house while the babes frolicked in the slightly chilly air. (I was not just being destructive, lol, I put the fence back up minus the corner.) Since I had to crank the chainsaw (read: Evil Genius Husband had to crank the saw for me since I can't bloody well bend down), I went ahead and cut some firewood, too.

Meanwhile my bag's not packed and I haven't even found the gowns that I like to wear to the hospital. They're in this house somewhere, I just know not where. Erg.

I went to my last OB appointment yesterday, saw Dr. S (this is the one who had to abandon me appointment-before-last when his pager went off) who didn't bat an eyelash when I refused an internal exam. We had a bit of a good-natured guessing game over how big Fiver might be. I say that he's my smallest yet (I gained only 2lbs last appointment and had actually lost a pound this time*. This is unheard of for me.) and he speculated that he was about 8-81/2 lbs. this puts him well under my others (10lbs 8oz, 9lbs 1oz, 9lbs, and 9lbs 12oz, respectively) but, of course, is just a guess based on external palpation. I'm not worried, BTW, just curious.


Well, my oldest, Boy, turned five on Sunday. I enacted the new Rules for Five-year-olds: 1) anyone five and over may request a 'theme' cake, and 2) ice cream of the birthday baby's flavour choice will be served.

We had a blast. There were presents and balloons as well as the food. The cake was a near-disaster; the cats attempted to get it while it was cooling (and almost earned the new title of Permanently Outside Pets), and I ran out of icing and so had to do a rush job to get it done prior to Boy waking from his nap. I had intended to have the top be textured like grass and water and the volcano be a LOT cooler with different coloured lava.

Ahh, well, Boy still loved it and that's all that counts.

Baby Bulk loved it too ... allll over himself.

Sorry there aren't more pics. It was cloudy out and all the pics turned out dark. I took a bunch of the girls and never got a good one. :( Bitty Girl's birthday is just days before Fiver gets here, so I'll have more opportunities for pics.

Boy has turned quite serious lately. I'm not sure if it's just him or a phase or what. He takes everything waaaaay too seriously (a big problem for me and EGH since we're kidding-around types). Boy will let the tiniest, most frivolous thing bother him, even bursting into tears over it. It has me baffled and I hope it's just normal for this age.


From my dinosaur-obsessed children, crashing through the house, and showing how grave Boy can be:

Human Crash Test Dummy: (seizing a white balloon left over from the birthday) "I'm a girl dinosaur so I can lay an egg!"

Boy: "And I'm a boy dinosaur so I don't lay eggs!"

HCTD: (clutching 'egg') "I have to take my egg or you'll eat it!"

Boy: (sliding to a stop, clearly outraged) "Do you think I'm an oviraptor? I don't eat eggs! I'm a Dromeosaurus!"

See what I mean?


Oh, I found this and about laughed my generous arse off: check out this YouTube clip of an old Bill Cosby skit.


*And are the Gods of Happenstance being perverse or what? Why is it that I have TWO effin' appointments with little or no weight gain immediately after the appointment where I had to see Dr. You're-Too-Fat and had gained 8 freakin' lbs?! ARGH!


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At 9:33 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

Blah! The video was removed. I'm disappointed - I LOVE old Bill Cosby skits. When I was a kid, I had almost all the old LPs. The bit about bringing the Frankenstein monster maniquin up to the third floor of an old, abandoned building to scare his friends was a riot...

I'm sending you all kinds of good energy - I'm VERY excited for the arrival of your new baby!

p.s. - how's EGH doing in the "new" job? Let him know I'm thinking about HIM, too...

At 12:07 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

+1 on Bill Cosby. And Art Linkletter was great with kids, too!

Boy has cute bed hair -- better than some I've seen. *laughing* And you did a great job with that cake! Very creative!

Boy may just be frustrated trying to understand when to demonstrate real knowledge and when to take the joke, perhaps a distinction that doesn't come so naturally to some. Also, I seem to recall that he burst into tears over seemingly small things about a year ago as well? He may just be a highly-sensitive person....

Looking forward to more pics of the brood.

Hope you're packed by now, Blue. You're on short-time!


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