Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am SO nesting. Yes. 20 days or so before I deliver, I start nesting. Go figure.

Here's the bizarre part though; I'm nesting outside the house.

I finished the taxes and, the instant I found out how much we were getting back, I became obsessed with the fence.

Yeah. The fence. Around the farm.

So I started collecting estimates at the stock sale and (after some negotiating and wrangling) I got a really good price and went for it. The blokes came out Wednesday, finished up yesterday and it looks GOOD:

This is a sample from the front of the property. Before (above) and after:

So, I've got two more weeks until my son will be here, my house is in it's general, alarming, call-the-CDC state of disarray, my hospital bag's about half-packed, the pack-n-play is still in it's carrying case, but, by gum, the goats won't be getting out anytime soon! w00t!

(This is the new goat pen fence. Behind is our 'barn'; a teensy little shed that was built by the city folks who lived here before us. Adding onto that is my next project.)


Weird baby item of the day. These things - to me - are so creepy that they're cool (I'd use them in a NICU just to see the looks on people's faces), but I still think that the idea is bogus. I mean, any item will retain your scent for the baby and the fact that they look like hands is lost on a newborn. Now if they were made out of some synthetic cyber-skin and heated ... and maybe anamatronic ...


And moving abruptly to English and its various misuses, abuses, and evolutionary jumps:

The conundrum of the 'word' email and how it was spelt was brought up on one of my forums. Good question. My vote is "e-mail" although I (obviously) use "email". What do you think? Several people (including an English teacher on this board) offered "E-Mail" or "E-mail" neither of which I agree with. The phrase was "electronic mail" and so should not be capitalized unless it begins a sentence.

Someone linked this article discussing the subject. What do you think, grammarphiles?


Seen on one of my mommy forums (on a school paper written by her husband):

"I went through it and edited it for him, he had a hard time with language class, and I was appauled that he hadn't put anything in it about me besides the fact that I found the coarse that he's taking now in college, or about the child that him and I are about to have.
I don't feel I'm overreacting.. we've been together almost have of a decade."

Putting aside the facts that she is, indeed, overreacting to her husband not including her in some English assignment for school; that hubby needs to be editing his own paper (that's kinda the point of taking a writing class); is anyone else alarmed that a person who displays this shocking a lack of language skillz is editing this paper for someone else's college class?

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At 4:20 pm, Anonymous mrschili said...

I write "email," but, if I were being anal about it, I'd write "e-mail." You're right about the capitalization.

I love it when you post language atrocities. Even though most of them make me cringe, and I really do worry for the future, it's somehow comforting to know that my students aren't the only ones butchering our language on a regular basis.

TWENTY DAYS?! The countdown begins! I'm SO excited for you. Please take a second to absorb my good wishes for you and your (nearly expanded) family! Love to all!

At 12:15 am, Anonymous AeroDog said...

No debate: e-mail.

At 10:44 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Electronic mail, having become such a ubiquitous part of our communication structure, has reached that crossroads between it's beginnings as "electronic mail," later, "e-mail," and the shorter version favored by today's ever-faster-moving society, "email."

At this point, either is acceptable, but "email" will eventually win out as the origin of the term is forgotten over time.

A similar debate has arisen regarding the spelling of "Internet," with some now favoring "internet." Egad!

At 10:47 am, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Beuh. Don't call it, 'Dog!

Should be "its," not "it's." *looking around for coffee*


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