Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another quick one ... sorry!

Well, I'm currently without a computer, so don't be alarmed if I'm gone more often.

Arrgh! I HATE it.

Obviously, I have something (since I'm typing this) but it still sucks arse.

Having your PC crash is irritating for many reasons - not least of which is folks who say: "well why don't you just use the other computer?"

Yes, it's true, I actually have four PCs on a wireless network in my house (ex-PC tech, remember?) and it's true that I did replace the phone line from the BellSouth demarc, the phone jack (whilst lying on hard concrete, ouch!), spent 2 1/2 hours on the horn to Pakistan listening to a difficult-to-understand young man read troubleshooting instructions off his screen. True we did finally get the DSL back up, the router re-initialized, and the network back up (so the other PC's can get online) ...


See, switching to another computer is not like borrowing a friend's car. There, you just toss in your purse, fumble with unfamiliar keys, adjust to strange seat positions, taller or shorter pedals, etc. You're uneasy in a new vehicle, but you can drive it OK after you warm to it.

No, losing your PC and 'just' switching to another is like being awoken in the middle of the night and told you must move house. You are snatched away from your home and bunged into the new one. Hey, it might be bigger, nicer, more expensive! It might have a oven you could roast a goat in, a fridge the size of a pantry, huge new washer and dryer, and so on.

But it's not your house.

You discover that the little niceties you're used to are missing: toilet paper, towels, food in the gleaming fridge, clothes in the sleek Ikea wardrobe. True, the house is bigger, better, nicer - and you're appreciative of that - but it will take weeks to replace and rearrange the little necessities, to make it livable.

That's why it's hard to 'just use another computer'. All of my bookmarks are on the old one; my bloggers, my boards, my faves (including passwords); my email is set up on the old one; all of my images and software for creating shirts ... on the old one.


And you know what the funny part is? I don't just miss my computer, I'm also pining for my desk. It's weird. It's like my workstation over there. I have a place for my coffee/Diet Coke, my idea notebook, my Discman. The pencils and the pencil sharpener, various office supplies, are there. The camera hook-up and my cell phone recharger are right at my elbow, plus I have a comfy chair and a panoramic view of the family room where the babies play all day.

LOL, perhaps a bear turned out of her den would make a better analogy.

Ahh, well. I have all of my pics of the babies and my finished t-shirt designs on CD. I guess I can bide my time until I get a new PC, fiddle around on this one - while sat awkwardly twisted on the couch (in order to use a laptop one needs a lap *snort*) while Evil Genius Husband joneses in the background to play City of Villains (this is 'his' computer. While I'm on it he can't get his email, visit his sites, surf porn, argue with fellow geeks on comic boards ... you know, essential stuff.)

I hope everyone had a lovely and safe holiday! I got the coolest gift for Fiver EVAR from a fellow blogger and I'm dying to show it off (and pay it forward). More on that later!


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At 9:27 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

I am in total sympathy. The power button on my laptop died unexpectedly back in November, and I was without my laptop (and my bookmarks, and my passwords and....) for nearly a month. I had another computer to use, as well, but you're right - there is nothing like one's own gadget in one's own space. So I'm sending out good computer energy and hoping you're back in your own den very, very soon!

Beyond the techno-troubles, how's things?! I'm betting, from your lap comment, that Fiver's thriving nicely. I'd love an update, when you have the time and inclination. Oh, and I mean to take you up on the tech support offer - I really want to learn how to underline text!




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