Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Big Gap

I can't believe my baby Bulk is 18 months old!

It's going to be so tough to have a newborn and an almost-two-year-old, isn't it? I'm terrified.

All of Bulk's siblings already had their baby sib by this time (the Human Crash Test Dummy was a baby herself when Bitty Girl was born - only 10 months old). I never had any jealousy issues or tantrums or regressions. It was easy for them, harder for me.

Of course, Bulk is pretty laid back. He's of a congenial nature anyway, plus he's had to learn to share and be patient via having older sibs. I suppose it won't be too bad.

Mind you, he does get disgruntled every now and again. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. He uses his superior ... well, bulk ... and strength and overpowers the object of his displeasure. He's not a hitter or a biter (both are absolutely verboten in my house, anyway) but he'll just grab, lay on top of, and essentially mash his victim. He can totally overpower his sisters and Boy can get away only with much effort.

So every now and then I'll hear outraged (and usually muffled) cries of: "MomMA! Bulk is ON me!"

It's one of those things where I disapprove but have to bite my lip to keep from laughing at the same time.


In other baby news I got my c-section scheduled. There was a huge row (NO! Not with you, Blue!) (shut up).

They have my due date as March 13. This is calculated by my LMP with the stubborn assumption that I ovulated on day 14 and have a 28 day cycle. Well, as I pointed out to the scheduler (and everyone else who'd listen for 6 months now) I ovulated 4 days later (I was charting temps) and my cycles run 32-34 days.

My actual due date is March 17.

I wanted March 12 for my c/s date (I'm very superstitious - all of my babies were born on a Monday). I also wanted Dr. Cutie Pie to deliver me (he delivered both my boys).

Well, 1) they refuse to do it on the 12th as it's "too close to" my 'due date', and 2) a doctor whom I do NOT care for is on call that day. Well crap.

So, if I go for the preceding Monday I can get my regular doc, Dr. Cautious who delivered THCTD and Bitty.

This is fine except that means this baby will be delivered 11 days early. This really bugs me. I believe in letting 'em cook as long as possible if you can (ok, perhaps not as long as Boy who was 2 weeks overdue and still wouldn't come out). He'll be awfully small (Bitty was over a week early and was only 9lbs - my teensy-est).

I'm worrying WAY too much about this aren't I?


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At 5:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

9 lbs isn't too small, right? I was 6 lbs 8 oz when I came out and I was definitely not a preemie (in fact, I was fighting to stay IN!) but then again, that was...well, it was a while ago. Hah.

I hope everything works out for you. I'd HATE to not get things my way when I'm the one doing all the work (see: labor).


At 5:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My second c-section was scheduled 11 days before my due date (which was Halloween--too bad I could not do it then). My dr. only does her surgeries on Thursdays, my due date was on a Monday, so because of certain days and dates falling at certain times, I had no choice. I TRIED for Halloween, but she wouldn't go with it.
I do think those babies should incubate for as long as possible, but i had to go with the doctor on this one.

Glad you know the due date; now you can prepare if that is possible. Mentally, at least! Wishing you the best. I enjoy reading your blog.

At 8:55 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Though I'm not superstitious myself, I certainly respect your feelings, and offer you this: Fiver is already not like the others, being born two years behind Bulk. So, why not a delivery that's not on a Monday?

Also, don't worry about Dr. Unlikable. If you're knocked out during the c-section, you don't have to deal with him. If you're conscious, trashtalk him during the procedure. And then blog about it. :-)

You'll be fine. And so will Fiver. I promise.

At 7:07 am, Anonymous T said...


I concur with pp about breaking tradition for #5. I did it with mine - born at the other end of the year (first 4 in Feb, Mar & Apr) & all in 20-something date of the month. #5 was born on 5th of September. But I was not in a position to negotiate dates with Dr's, not having any by c/s.

Good luck, I'm sure 11 days early will be fine (although none of mine were early, most over a week late). I think 38 weeks is considered term.



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