Monday, November 13, 2006

Sleepless ramble

Good morning! It's 5:20 here ... what're you up to?

Don:t ask me why I decided to blog first this morning. Probably because I'm brain dead since I've been awake since 4:00. Ugh.

I usually work in my stores until 6:30 (when the babies get up) since I only seem to have about an hour of lucidity before my brain dulls down.

This morning, however, I got awoken at 3:51 by my oldest son who's apparently 1) boycotting sleeping and has 2) a new thing of bursting into tears at ... nothing. Yesterday, it was because he dropped one of his plastic dinosaurs at the supper table. Last night it was because he ran out of drawing paper. At the sale Saturday it was because he accidentally tipped over the diet Pepsi we were sharing (*gag* I was glad it was gone. Pepsi, bleh!)

Is this HIM? Or some 4-year-old thing? Is the lack of sleep related? (Note, he still takes a wee nap early afternoon and still sleeps at least 8 hours so I guess 'lack' is a strong word. He's sleeping much less than he used to, let us say.) Anyway, any insight from you ladies who've BTDT would be lovely!

Ohh ... I know why I came over her this morning ... I got some weird spam about Blogger. Have any of you gotten an email that looks like it's just from a regular person that talks about trying out the New Blogger? It's filled with links (go HERE, Check THIS out) and seems to want both your Blogger log-in and your Google log-in.

My Epostbox seem to be spam city here recently! I just got some really freaky stuff from an eBay prankster and I haven't eBayed in over a year - well, sold anyway.

Speaking of the sale Saturday, it went fine. I sold a few chickens, bought way too much junk (Boy bid on a box of miscellaneous toys and had a blast getting to bid. Of course, *I* then got a huge box of toys which have now been scattered all over my house by gleeful babies.) I did have to lift two goats over a gate by myself and now my stomach muscles are sore. I swear, sale full of able bodied men and they'll just stand there staring at you like you're nuts before actually offering to help! Daft buggers.

Boy also got to socialize with a large group of boys (ages apx 2-7) and did quite well. They dug in the dirt, kicked dirt, and eventually threw dirt into each other's eyes (at which point I barked: "No throwing sand!" to the lot of them - none of the other mothers were around. I don't care what the modern PC playground etiquette is. If your 7 year old is hurling sand purposely into my pre-schooler's face, he's gonna get barked at.)

But Boy handled himself beautifully, playing well and putting up with some generally rough behaviour (which is to be expected) and some just plain bad behaviour (no comment), both of which he'll have to deal with next year at school.

I'd have liked to have seen how The Human Crash Test Dummy would have fared. She's much more social and vocal, but also more sensitive. Of course, she'd have been the only girl in the dirt. All the little girls at the sale were close by their mommas (wherever they were) dressed in ladybugs and strawberries and stupid little sandals (at a stock sale!) and not allowed to even squat down to peer at a bug much less actually play.

Speaking of the ladies at the sale, Mullet Woman has changed her hair! She seems to be growing the bangs out (or she was just too rushed to tease them up real big into the hair-croissant on her forehead). She's still doing the whole kinky/wavy thing with the long hair down her back and whatever grease she puts in it (30 weight?) but it really looked better. Now if she'd go buy some new pants that fit, that didn't constrict her unmercifully, give her startling camel-toe (aggh! my eyes!) and squish her not-over-abundant fat up - very like a link of sausage squeezed in the middle - so that it wells up and over her waistband in a little inner-tube of flesh under her too-tight and too-short blouse.

OK. Now that's an image I didn't need to take to the breakfast table.

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At 10:10 am, Blogger macboudica said...

Blue! I just ate! I think I need to puke now...

About the 4YO boy thing--my EEF went through (is still kind of going through but not as bad) a super-sensitive fake WAHHHH whiney phase, too. He also had a lot of sleep, so I think the crying is developmental. It must be the world's best kept secret that little boys really can be really big babies.

At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My STRONG-WILLED 4 year old has several personalities these days. She goes from I-can-do-anything-girl to super-sensitive drama queen. Her emotions are up and down constantly; I don't know what to expect next. I think it's age related. They are so ready for independence but still need that pat on the back to assure them that they are going to be okay. I have been told that after age 5, things begin to improve with the emotional wackiness. We shall see...

At 6:02 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Perhaps at four, they already understand on some level "cause and effect," and are intuitively trying out various means of expressing themselves to see which one gets the desired reaction. Don't laugh. We all know plenty of four-year-olds who became adults, and still do this. Only in adulthood, we call it "playing headgames." ;-)


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