Thursday, October 05, 2006


Well I have naught for you today.

I went for my amniocentesis yesterday, got (and paid for) genetic counseling which I didn't need (my genome hasn't changed since last year ... or the year before or the year before that, etc -- although the new genetics councilor was quite nice). Then I got a level II ultrasound that yielded nothing.

Fiver would not flip over -- she bopped around, punched the amnion, stretched her legs, but would not roll over. Despite several minutes of the tech agonizingly grinding the transducer into my c-section scar we didn't get the heart, the kidneys, or the sex (although we're leaning toward 'boy' as no lines were seen and all of us thought we saw a flash of parts for a millisecond. This was the only bright spot in a horrible day. I'm pretty much betting now that she's a girl.)

So with such an 'inconclusive ultrasound' neither the genetics councilor or the doctor would say at all what the odds were now of Down Syndrome. We did get a few peeks at the spine (that's all Fiver showed us) and it seemed OK.

Then the amnio. The doctor stuck me three times (let me say that again: three times) while moaning about my weight, my c-section scarring, Fiver's age (only 17 weeks), and the needle would not pass into the amnion. It kept pushing the membrane away from the wall of the uterus instead of going through.

This is a Bad Thing.

So a general retreat was called and the amnio is rescheduled for next week.

Not taking into account my now astronomical anxiety level, I am sore, and I am frustrated. I feel like breaking things (preferably glass). I wasted an entire day, scads of money (don't even want to think about it), Evil Genius Husband's day, my mother's day, and got nothing. AND we have to go do it all again.

Just to top it off, I can't shag for 48 hours, or lift anything heavy (if I had the energy, I'd insert a naughty tie-in here between shagging and lifting heavy objects *nudge*nudge* but I'm too tired), which means I can't heft any of my children. Of course, the first thing the Incredible Bulk did upon my return home was to take a swan dive off of the arm of the couch, landing with a horrible wet crunch on the concrete floor, which required my picking his 32 lb self up for much cuddling.

Argh. Is it next week yet?

PS: Kudos to everyone who got the Serenity reference! I'm a HUGE Firefly/Serenity fan. Joss Whedon makes my life shiny.

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At 7:08 am, Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

UGH! I'm SO sorry that yesterday's adventures in prenatal screening were such a bust. Now I'm resetting all my care and good energy buttons in anticipation of next week....

At 11:16 am, Blogger Chris Johnson said...

For whats its worth I'll light a candle at work. Also I finally saw most of the Firefly episodes, and it was great.

At 9:23 pm, Blogger scribbit said...

Ow! I've got a thing about needles anyway but that sounded nastier than nasty. Good luck!

At 9:43 am, Anonymous Michele said...

What a pain in the a$$ that experience must have been! Other than a peek at the baby, which was quite worth it, the rest of the expensive venture....damn.

Hope all goes much better next week. I still get girl vibes.


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