Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well, I wrote this whole post yesterday about how blah I've been feeling lately (how blah can you be if you have the energy to write a long blog post?) but then I took the dogs out and discovered that it was fairly warm outside. So the babes and I went out for a romp in the garden. Well, they romped. I split wood.

So at least the whole day wasn't wasted.

But, seriously, I seem to be stuck in a rut.

Nothing earth-shattering: I just feel like doing nothing. Nothing!


I can't seem to muster up any enthusisam about anything. Perhaps it's the aftermath of the genetics testing: being on edge and strung like a guywire for days, then getting the good news. Kind of makes you slump into a thankful puddle.

Or maybe it's being halfway in the pregnancy. I'm exactly 20 weeks. Far enough removed from the anxiety and excitement of being newly preggers (oh, and the puking. Puking will take your mind off of anything), but ages and ages away from the best part of being pregnant: the baby.

I'll confess to being one who is not enamoured of the pregnancy part. Don't get me wrong, I have no complaints. i have great pregnancies. Except for the exhaustion and the large mass in front when I go to bend down, I wouldn't even know I was expecting. I just don't get into the little thrills of pregnancy like some. I don't shop. I don't decorate nurseries. I don't get keepsake 4D ultrasounds that will never get looked at in a few years. I dispise being treated by people as if I'm ill or infirm. I don't even have a unique delivery experience to anticipate and plan for. I go in, they crack me open and remove the alien spawn. Yawn.

Give me the baby!

So I've been seriously walking around in a numb daze. The babies are totally bored with me - and I don't blame them - and I've not been sleeping well, which doesn't help.

I need a jump. (You may interprate this as you wish. Heh. Heheheh.)

I usually find entertainment and general busy-work in my stores. There's only dozens of things that need doing every day. But I've not even been able to work up any enthusiasm for that. I'm not even designing (which is a bad thing. One of the fab things about the stores is that it gives me an artistic outlet - one I've not been able to use effectively since the presence of small children made any artisttic endevours difficult at best. Paint, collage scraps, and seed beads do NOT dwell well with curious toddlers!)

I keep hoping to be suddenly and mysteriously possessed of the inclination to polish my entire house to a high gloss.


Nope. Not happening.


PS: I even pounced on a new hobby (Yeah. What my house needs is another unfinished arts/crafts project lying about): loom knitting. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. I'm one of these crafters who needs to see some quick results in order to stay interested and this fits quite well. One can also do it with a crowd of younglings at hand (with mutiple "Bulk, don't touch that!"s).

PPS: seeing as it's the end of October, check out out the new post over at the Evil Genius Stores Blog.

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At 12:45 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

I find myself feeling the same way just now. Lethargic, no energy, listless, wanting to do something, but not quite feeling like doing anything. We should do nothing together sometime, if only in thought. At least getting through this phase could be more bearable with an empathetic friend.

At 2:08 pm, Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

I SO remember that feeling - just wanting the baby NOW! I actually argued with my OB about when Beanie was due. It was a long, bitter fight, but I won in the end and was induced close to when I thought she was done cooking.

I wonder if your lethargy isn't due, at least in part, to the change in seasons (and time)? Transitions always screw with my inner chronometer, and I very often find myself - especially in the fall-to-winter change - lazy and apathetic.

Just a thought..


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