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November is apparently National Adoption Month! How cool is that? I am very pro adoption and have a section in my store devoted to it. I have a dozen designs ready to offer if I ever get the time! (Gotta love the upcoming Consumer Holiday, LOL)

I had no idea about NAM. (thank you to Meredith from my March Babycenter board for the head's up!)

I always wanted to adopt when I was young, before I ever married. I always imagined a few bio kids and a few adopted kids all mixed together seamlessly. This probably had it's roots in the same thing that prompted my desire for a large family: growing up a very lonely only child.

Then I did get married and discovered the hell that is infertility (followed by the hell that is a worthless man). I was quite cool with adopting a brood. I don't recall how my ex-asshole felt. He wasn't much for revealing things.

I went into marriage number two with the assumption that I would never have biological children. My Evil Genius Husband was aware of all this, but had his what-I-now-know-to-be-normal, mysterious, 'wait and see' attitude.

We waited and y'all all know what we saw (five times!)

So now with a large herd of bio kids am I still keen on adoption? My view (for my own family) is skewed now by my conciousness of finances. With five already 'on the ground' (or will do in March) money must be looked at carefully. You know how I feel about thrift. I will NOT have children whom I cannot support and give the things they need. I do NOT beleive that some other entity/person 'will provide' or that 'things will work out somehow'. You just never know what will happen. I'm certain I can keep five comfortably and without stress and without depending on the kindness of strangers (or family).

So, I dunno. Let's see what happens as the years go on. Fostering would be quite cool, especially when the babes get older.

I think adoption is fantastic and that everyone (who has the means, of course) should consider it. I think it should be easier, too. I don't make any distinction in value between domestic and foreign adoption either. I think that welcoming a child into one's family is a good thing no matter where that child was originally born.

So what doYOU think about adoption? Ever considered it? Domestic or foreign? Share!

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At 11:26 am, Blogger Allison said...

I had similar thoughts as you as a young girl. Large family mixed with bio. and adopted, all harmoniously living together. When I first got married I didn't think much about that but did talk to my hubby about it...he wasn't keen on "raising someone else's sperm" as he put it...nice! At any rate, when I became pregnant for the first time my parents reminded me that I wanted a large family (5+) to which my hubby almost choked. He couldn't believe I wanted that many kids. Now we have one and I think we've both settled on 2-3 with the possibility for fostering in the future....time will tell for us.

At 4:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to adopt but I am in a similar situation where I will not have other providing for my family. We have three kiddos right now and I can't wait until we can TTC #4 but the idea of adoption has been put on the back burner for now. I've always wanted a rainbow tribe. :)

At 1:48 am, Blogger amyesq said...

You know it's funny. For some reason I always grew up thinking adoption was kind of weird. For no other reason, I think, but then I didn't really have very much intimate exposure to it. With four bio sibs I think I always believed adoption was akin to faking a family. How could you love someone who wasn't born into your family. Obviously, I was extremely uneducated.

Which is why nobody is more surprised than I am that adoption is the way we are forming our family. And I couldn't be more excited about it. I have learned so much in the past few years and I can't believe how much I already love a baby who hasn't even joined our family yet. For me, blood ties have nothing to do with it. I feel so lucky to have learned so much.

Great topic. Thanks for bringing it up.


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