Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In which pubic hair is mentioned

I just realized that when I go to read my fave bloggers I'm always irritated when they haven't posted.


She Who Only Rarely Posts.

Yeah, I suck. I also love my bloggers. My list that I read daily is much shorter than it used to be: basically, my posse and about that same number again. Isn't it odd that one can randomly reach out over the 'net and find a handful of women who's lives you find so interesting? Whose words you find so moving (or amusing)? From whom you gain insight and strength just by hearing about their lives?

Weird, eh?


Well I've been totally useless the past few days. I'm working furiously on the stores since these are the final days of online holiday shopping, so I spend way too much time gawping at the computer screen and talking to myself.

I did go to the sale Saturday. It was bloody cold (so cold I didn't take any of the bubs) and I was afraid I was going to be the only person there. A small crowd showed up after a bit. (I drove into the bustling metropolis of Saluda, South Carolina where I had my order gotten wrong by Burger King employees and was forced to choke down a dry sausage bisquit for breakfast and said crowd accumulated while I was gone.)

I was unique in being the only female there until about noon or so. This gave me the advantage of getting to bid, unchallenged, on some cool stuff (baby stuff, mostly). I did the thing I should have been doing all along: I brought my Coleman camp chair - one of those canvas folding jobbies - and it seriously saved my hips and my knees. I sat there like a duchess and bid with impunity, lol.

I do have to share with you this bloke who comes to the sale. Man, oh man! He's tall, quiet, broad shouldered and narrow hipped, has the nicest backside I've seen since Evil Genius Husband's (and EGH's is niiiiice). He's middle aged - about 50 or 55 - has a neat, steel grey mustache ... YOW! I so wish I could sneak a picture. This guy would make you drool.

Anyway, I was studying him Saturday (ok, ok, yeah, his buttocks were right at eye level to me since I was sitting. Shut up!) and I noticed that his jeans were not faded at all. They were bright blue like they were brand new and they had been carefully ironed (with a crease!) His shirt was also starched. And he always looks like this. Like an advert for a farmer. I wonder if his wife does all that or if he's just one of those fastidious men?

Of course it could be worse. There was one disgruntled looking bloke in his faded-almost-to-white button fly overalls ... with the buttons undone. He grumped and grumbled past me several times (damned women at the stock sales, sitting about like duchesses ...), and yes, I DID shamelessly look for a flash of willy but all I saw was some greying pubic hair.


OK, I just have to get working on some new designs. Oh, and go feed the chickens. We have new squabs (those are baby pigeons)! I will try to get some pics for you.

PS: Here is that promised farm blog post - late as usual.


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At 8:36 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

My dad used to keep racing pigeons. (Guess who got to help clean out the pigeon house?)

Please do get some pics of the squabs posted on the farm blog. And please do go to the next sale and get some pics of the tall, quiet, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, nicely-backsided, deliciously-mustached mature man and post them here. Or, to save you from having to upload them to Blogger, just send them to me. [Did you see a ring, by chance?]

Uh, did I really just say that? Blue, I think it's time for you to start posting on Blue's Blog again! :lol:

At 9:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


DO you think he ****GASP**** was gay??? DO men EVER iron jeans?? Does anyone?? The ONLY person I ever saw do it was that Carson guy from Queer Eye..



At 3:12 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

One of the guys I lived with in Belgium 20 years ago used to iron his underwear! Don't know who thought would be dropping in.... He used to panic about getting his hair wet if it started sprinkling and he had no umbrella. Don't know if he was gay. He did receive multiple letters from his girlfriend. Every day. We're talkin' ***snail mail***, folks.

Sometimes jeans just get creases if you line up the seams like regular slacks and hang them in the closet.

But who cares? Post a pic of the nice backside. Please? :-)


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