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De-lurk for fabulous prizes!

So, apparently it's, like, National De-Lurker's Week (thank you Mrs Chili for the heads-up!)
If you happen to be lurki-- OI! You there! I SEE YOU! - erm ... then give us a comment.

To make the temptation more irresitable, I'll tell you what I'll do. A while ago a blogger whom I just adore (for one thing she's this fab crafter - I mean she does these cool crafts with her kids and calls 'em Farts-N-Craps. You have to love her for that alone.) ANYway, she did this cool thing on her blog where she offered the next X number of commenters one of her own home-made somethingorothers if they left a comment (and were willing to give their smail mail addy).

I was lucky enough to be in the top X number and she dutifully sent me something for Fiver. (I'll have to brag-and-blog about the actual item later - I can't get my camera software to load onto my new PC so I can't take pics of "it" yet. You'll just have to keep holding your breath. Sorry. Let's just say it's 1] insanely adorable, 2] so very 'me' ... erm, FIVER.)

SO. I think it's a fab idea BUT since I am a Krappy Krafter I'll have to offer something else:

The first five people to comment on this blog and ask to participate can choose ANY button, sticker, magnet, or mini button from any of my stores and I'll post it to you free of charge just for being you!

You can comment without receiving if you're leery of giving me your addy or you just don't want any of my tacky junk (I understand). So, comment either way and shout out if you want any of my tacky ju- uh, fine merchandise.

If you are interested, go to Evil Genius Woman or Evil Genius Comics - t-shirts and gifts, pick something out (use the search by product box on the left - scroll down to 'goodies'), email me with your choice and your snail-mail addy and I'll get it on it's way!


OK, so in light of my last post, let me ask you a question.

They want me to be seen every two weeks now. I have been surripticiously pushing my appointments back about a week each time by pleading 'being busy'. I have my next one scheduled for the 31st.

Seeing as how I will only have a month to go at that point (my pre-op appt is March 1st - c/section on March 5th), should I get closer to the 31st, ring them up, cancel, and reschedule for the 2nd week in Feb or so? That would leave me with only 3 more weeks and thus no need (presumably) to go back in until my pre-op. (This is all assuming I feel fine and nothing unexpected happens.)

I'm a bit squeamish about this sort of thing. I do NOT cancel appointments. I was raised with the credo that if I made a commitment I should uphold it unless there's a real emergency. That's called courtesy.

But I'm not talking about waiting until the last minute - just, maybe, another week.

I really hate this sort of thing. To me it's akin to those people who buy an outfit, wear it for a party, then return it to the store or those stupid twinkies who go to the ER two or three times and lie about having contractions so they'll get a free ultrasound. Tacky!

Yes, yes, I know it's not exactly the same, but still ... it's dishonest and it squiks me out.

Then again, I don't see the point of going back in twice more to be asked, "Feeling OK?", dopplered, then sent on.

Arrgh! I don't know what to do! What do you think? (Try out the spiffy new poll below - thanks to Michele)

EDITED to clarify: You do NOT have to be a lurker to get cool junk! Any of the first 5 people to ask will get goodies! Don Pardo, tell them what they've won ...

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At 5:13 pm, Blogger Zach & Brie's Mom said...

Dude. I want one that says, "My thyroid went to Italy and I got was this stupid button." Or $800 bill, in my case, since the hospital just screwed up the insurance billing.

Anywho, I won't claim a goodie, but I just wanted to comment that even though this is your fifth child, the doctor still has probably birthed more babies than you.

At 8:00 pm, Anonymous vanblue said...

ok, delurking and posting to say that i had this same thought when they told me i was going to 2 week appointments. i feel good and hate to have to go in for 10 minutes to hand them my pee and get my blood pressure taken.

in the back of my mind, however, i keep thinking that they could possibly discover pre-e or something before i have symptoms.

suck it up and go to the appointments. there aren't too many left to go.

At 7:11 am, Anonymous mrschili said...

Oooh! Oooh! Can I participate, even though I'm about as far from a "lurker" as one can be? So far, in fact, that I'm practically a "stalker"? Can I, can I, HUH?

I seem to be in the voting minority. I say, go ahead and skip that ONE appointment - push it back, whatever - and go to the last one. If I'm understanding you right - and I think I am - it's a MAJOR production for you to get to your OB. That seems like a lot of work to be weighed, scanned and sent home. I didn't mind going every week because my OB office is ten minutes down the highway.

That being said, everyone is right in saying that the docs MAY discover something amiss before you show symptoms (as was the case with me and Punkin' Pie - they found my blood pressure was too high).

My call? Suck it up. Go. But find some way to make it up to yourself - ice cream on the way home, perhaps??

At 3:10 pm, Anonymous stacey said...

ohhh, how fun! (the contest not the conundrum ;) ) I'm not really a lurker, I comment regularly, can I play anyway?

I never minded my ob appts too much, but I was only taking 2 bubs with me and I loved my Dr. Actually I switched drs at 20 weeks b/c I couldn't take the 'tude from the office staff. Ya see (yep, TMI coming your way) Dr B had delivered my first 2 babies and moved across the state. When I got pg for the 3rd time, I found out he had moved back. I thought yeah! I don't have to show my bits to a new Dr, lol. But he didn't go back to his old practice, instead he relocated to the botox capital of Oregon (Lake Oswego). The staff seem offended that a pregnant woman showed up. Most of the women in there were getting IUDs, laser treatments and botox :P
I was treated like a problem and my appts lasted less then 5 minutes.
I switched drs and couldn't have been happier. (viola! I'll stop now)

Did you call the office and let the office manager (or someone) know about Dr Pain-in-the-Arse?

I would say go to your appts, don't cancel. Eat ice cream too ;)

At 1:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your c-section date is my due date! :)

I'd go to the appointment cause I'm a sucker for the attention, but I don't think it'd hurt to push it back, and it's not inconsiderate if you cancel it ahead of time. I think.


At 1:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oopsy, anonymous above is me, Matilda's Mum. :)


At 4:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Blue...
I first discovered your blog from the Large Families bb (on Baby Center). My LF screen name is MajorLeagueMom. I always enjoy your comments and your blog is hysterical. My dh is always asking what I'm giggling about. Anyway, just wanted to "de-lurk". Keep up the funny stuff! And congrats on the up and coming "fiver"!

Carolyn (mom of four from 20 to 5)

At 8:56 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Because you have so many depending on your continuing good health, go to all of your remaining appointments. You just can't risk getting this far along, and then miss something that could endanger your and/or Fiver.

And if Dr. Pain-in-the-Arse shows up for the C-section by chance, biatch-slap him! And do it again for me, too.

At 11:23 pm, Blogger Melikahiwa! said...

I'm a real, live lurker!
But I'm afraid I'm too late!

At 7:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I'm too late to claim a lurker prize... I dunno, pregnancy fatigue has made reading comprehension AND counting at the same time a little much for the moment. If I'm not too late, I'm sure I could use a choice pregnancy-related comment printed on something.

I love reading your comments on BBC and peek at your blog when I remember. It doesn't get along with Firefox on my Mac...freezes the browser up... but it likes Safari just fine.

I HATE going to my OB appointments too. They always seem to be running behind, and I'm often there an hour for my 10-minute appointment (that 10 minutes include BP and weighing by nurse). Add drive time and it's an hour and a half to two hour commitment for a 10-minute appointment! But it is reassuring to know that things are going well.

So get in there to pee in that cup and recoil in terror at the number on the scale!

--Luna78 from BBC


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