Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the news

*EDIT* Sorry for the delay in this post. I actually composed it Monday but both Evil Genius Husband and I have been immobilised by The Crud. Some horrible crap (and I mean that literally) of vomiting/diarrhoea/etc that has laid us both out. I have been living on the couch for two days with a trashcan nearby and EGH - who is normally a quiet and taciturn fellow - has been immobilised upstairs like a droid who's been switched off.

Anyway, on to the juicy stuff before I yark again:


Seen in a post on one of my many email groups:

Hi My Name is (whisky tango). I am offering to do taxes at a reduced rate. I do taxes completely online. I do e-filing and paper filing.

my fee's are as follow's
non-itemized (simple taxes) $35.00 for the first hour and $ 10.00 each additional hour. Which does not include the e-file fee .the e-file fee for state and federal are $15.00

Itemized taxes are $45.00 for the first hour and $10.00 each additional hour.

(note) I am not a CPA. I just have the tax soft ware and the know how to do taxes. I figure what better way for you not to pay some one $200 or $300 for a simple tax job.

Uhm, honey, I don't think so. Would YOU trust someone with this poor a grasp of the English language to do YOUR taxes? "Fee's are as follow's"??

I was sorely tempted to post on the group this very same sentiment but know that it wouldn't do any good. They'd simply say things like: "no body's perfect" and "every one make's mistakes". Yeah. Tell that to the IRS.

Here's an almost unbelievable one from the news ( It's the article that Mrs Chili mentioned in her comment: crying child .)

While over 100 passengers waited, two parents tried to calm their daughter and get her in her seat on an airplane. This child - aged 3 - was apparently crawling under the seat, hitting her parents, and being generally disruptive. The parents had had 15 minutes to get this girl in her seat. They said they just needed more time. They were also outraged that the flight attendants wouldn't let them just hold her in their laps.

1) FAA regulations require that anyone age 2 and up be in her own seat and buckled in for take off. If they had broken regs and allowed the child on her parent's lap and the child had been hurt the airline would have been sued out of existence.

2) WTF? She's THREE. You pick her up and PUT her in her seat and strap her in! Nuff said.

I got this story off of my Large Family board and those ladies had some interesting comments as well; the best being: "what do they do if she won't get in her carseat at home? Let her ride on their laps?"


And I suppose you've heard about the bloke whose wife was induced so he could go to the bears game .

Yeah. Uh-huh.

I'd have said: 1) "In your dreams. I'm not risking my or my child's life for a football game." and 2) "You just plan on going to that game, but take a suitcase! If I go into labour while you're gone you can move back in with your mother."


Blimey ... there was another one that I saw in the paper, I think, but I've forgotten it. If I find it I'll drag myself back to the computer to edit.

PS: Mrs. Chili, Stacey, and Luna (and anyone else who wants FABoolus prizes), you need to EMAIL me, yo! I need to know what you want and where to send it.

PPS: Ugh. Gotta go hurl now.


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At 1:17 pm, Anonymous VegaVixen said...

Sorry you're both so sick right now. Hope your brood doesn't also get the yarks!

Oh, don't get me started on parents who want to be their kids' best friends....


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