Monday, November 03, 2008

Bunches of pics

Halloween 2008!
Left to right: Bulk as my little devil, Bitty as a downright horrible skeleton, Boy as a ghost, and THCTD as a witch.  Witch power!
Here's daddy the day we brought him home from the hospital:
And here, he seems to have taken a turn for the worse.  911!
Oh, and remember my rant about Fiver's eyecolour?  I happened to take pics of the v. excited brood prior to getting their costumes on and it really showcased their eyes:
THCTD with her baby blues:
Boy with his daddy's odd, pale green eyes.  When he wears blue they look aqua:
Bitty and Bulk, light blue and light grey-green, respectively:
And, finally, Fiver.  Tell me this kid's eyes are brown, lol!
OK, OK, I'm gonna quit obsessing about it now.  srsly.

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At 2:52 pm, Blogger moonduster said...

You have the most beautiful children!!!!

Love their costumes! I bet they had tons of fun!

At 9:03 pm, Blogger Kathy Harrison Fuller said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE the eyes!

Glad to see things are back to "normal"!

All the best!



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