Monday, November 23, 2009

Double rant, and it's a doozy! Lotsa CAPS

So, I need to be writing on NaNoWriMo, I'm behind on my word count, I just spent the morning over at my childrens's school to be with Bitty whilst they gave the H1N1 (she did swimmingly), but I just HAD to share these two articles with you.

First this article on the mind boggling number of hours the average american kid spends in front of the television.

They (finally) thought to look at the amount of telly viewed at daycares and were stunned (!!) to find that *gasp* daycares sit the wee tykes down in front of the telly up to a whopping 2 hours a day.  Home daycares were the worst with kids watching telly an average of 2.5 hours a day.

Am I the only one who is not shocked by this?  It's just too easy. I know many many moms who say "Oh I just put them in front of it so I can grab a shower" or "So I can fix dinner" or my favourite: "I have it on a lot but he/she never watches it. It's just for background noise."

Oh, horseshit. 

You know damn good and well that those kids are in front of that idiot box for hours a day and mom is either in denial or just doesn't grasp the actual numbers.  Most folks run their telly most of the time that they are home.  Wee Eva Raven or Braighdyn is actually raptly quiet when they watch the boob tube, aren't they?  Giving you a break from the mommy mommy MOMMY lookit me play with me entetain ME that you put up with all day because you never taught your child to entertain his or herself.

I cannot ABIDE women who say "well it's the only way I can get a shower or cook dinner". Well, whose fault is that?  (That's right up there with "well he'll only eat goldfish crackers and kraft mac n cheese so that's all I serve!")  Then they proceed to tell me how they have an 12 month old and a 3 year old and no one knows what it's like, weep, weep.

Get over yourself, Emo Mom. YOU made this bed and YOU get to lie in it.  I HAVE had an 12 month old and a 3 year old. Except I also had a 2 year old and was pregnant at the time. I have had every permutation of closely spaced small babies that's possible (I think) and yet I still bathed when I wanted and cooked three meals a day, unmolested.

And we have NEVER watched television in our home.

Conclusion: I don't give a flying fark at the moon if you let your kid watch telly 5 hours a day.  Serisoulsy, that's your choice.  But ADMIT IT. Don't try to tell me that they only watch a few minutes a day. That's just a lie. Or that you only do it to entertain them for a second while you catch up on household chores.  It takes me a good hour to prepare supper and I'd no more let my kids watch a hour of commercial television than I'd let them spend time with a smoker.


Gem of an article number two: Doctor may get license revoked for telling patient the truth.

Yep, apparently, doctors are now obliged to LIE to be politically correct. We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's wee feelings now would we?

Dr. Earl Sunderhaus (an eye doctor)  "admitted he told the patient that her thick thighs and diabetes could cause her to go blind."

So poor baby patient is fat, diabetic, on welfare, and pregnant (all things that she has control over, all things she can/could have change(d)/prevented.) but no one is allowed to TELL her that?

Oh suck it up you blubbering Very Bad Word!  Her diabetes and obesity are her own doing and they can indeed cause her to go blind. I think it was awfully nice of the doctor to TELL her that. Seems like sound medical advice to me.

Obesity is hazardous to your health and it's preventable, people! Type 2 diabetes (with it's blindness, poor circulation, heart disease, etc) is preventable.  If you feel bad about yourself because you are overweight then, LOSE WEIGHT. Don't expect the world to pussyfoot around you, being careful not to damage your fragile ego for something you did to yourself.

Should we not tell smokers to quit smoking because they already feel so bad about their nicotine stained fingers, smelly hair and clothes, ashtray breath, and yellow teeth, poor dears?

How far downhill have we come as a people that mollycoddling to the point of endangering our health is preferable to the TRUTH from a doctor?  WTF?!

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