Friday, March 12, 2010

Professional Fat Person -vs- alcoholic?

I was just thinking this morning, again, about how obesity is like alcoholism.

I know I've written that before and I really believe it.  The hiding, the guilt, the excuses, the justifications; all there.

I just commented on a blog about how, when I was a Professional Fat Person* (and anyone who is obese is a PFP), I didn't eat because I was hungry.  I didn't eat because I was sad, or bored, or stressed. I ate because there was food in the house.

I was eating myself to death and I knew it.  I was aware that I was eating whole pizzas at a sitting and three candy bars at a time.

But the overweight person has a million justifications for what she's doing, starting with how it's not her fault. How it's her genes or her upbringing or his job stress or his lack of willpower.

That's closely followed by how she's just fine like she is. She makes it into a viciously defensive appearance issue.  The PFP snarls that someone thinks she should lose weight because he doesn't like how she looks, when the real issue is - sod what anyone else thinks - you should lose weight because overweight damages your health and shortens your life.

Remember: I'm not pointing fingers. I'm recalling my own struggle and my own attitude (and have heard it all echoed by friends who have lost large amounts of weight).

Obesity is like alcoholism. You are gripped by it, like an addiction. You make excuses ("I had a bad day. I'll make cookies and just eat one or two."), you come up with justifications ("One day won't hurt, I'll go back on my diet tomorrow."), you even lie about what you have eaten - including to yourself!

To recover from obesity you have to treat it like the addiction it is. Unlike alcohol, drugs, or smoking, you can't just quit eating. But you do have to get a grip on your entire lifestyle. There's no magic pill, no quick fix.  Like any other addict, you must carefully moniter yourself to keep from slipping back into the old habits.

It's the people who say: "Well one peice of cake won't hurt!  It's a party!" who are Professional Fat People. Do recovering alcoholics say "well, maybe just ONE drink!"?  No.  You have to have the wherewithall to say: "It looks delicious, but no thank you!  I don't eat sugar any more! *big smile*"

"But, then I'm depriving myself!" you whine.

Yeah. You are "depriving" yourself of something you don't need.  You are depriving yourself of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, too. Aching joints, shortness of breath, and riding around in one of those scooters at the Wal Mart as well. Aww.  There's loads of delicious, mouth-watering foods that are whole, plain, natural and free of sugar.

Does sugar give you so much pleasure that you are willing to die for it?


*Anyone who "just can't lose weight" is a Professional Fat Person.  Anyone who has tried every diet out there, and / or has lost weight then regained it is a PFP.  Anyone who is obese (barring medical reasons, of course) is a PFP. It take serious WORK with a spoon and fork to become obese.

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THANK YOU! And a link for those who are still afraid because it's "against the law" to go barefoot in businesses, including grocery stores and restaurants:


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